Grayling Paradise in Southwest Alaska

  Blog Post by Peter Goodwin Few places rival the spectacular fishing on offer in southwest Alaska. Most of the anglers who travel here focus on the largest salmon run in the world Read More...

Grayling Paradise in Southwest Alaska2018-03-15T14:32:24-08:00

In Search of the Holy Grayling

By Darryl Quidort Of the various fish I’ve caught with a fly rod, grayling are my favorite. It’s not the difficulty of the endeavor, the fishing skill required or the great fighting ability Read More...

In Search of the Holy Grayling2018-12-21T12:34:10-09:00

Driving Grayling Airborne

Heavily Palmered Flies & the Skate By G.B. Barnard IV The Arctic grayling (Thymallus Arcticus (Pallus)) is a marvelous fish.  While the majority of Alaska predators key themselves directly around the nutritious annual Read More...

Driving Grayling Airborne2018-12-21T12:26:22-09:00

Interior Grayling

  By Matt Hage By the end of June, every road-accessible waterway in Alaska that holds even a rumor of a king salmon is buried under a tangled web of 60-pound test and Read More...

Interior Grayling2018-12-21T12:24:24-09:00

Fairbanks Grayling

Grayling Without a doubt, the most distinctive characteristic of Arctic grayling is the large, sail-shaped dorsal fin that has come to signify the fish for so many. If the fish has another signature Read More...

Fairbanks Grayling2017-10-01T08:37:29-08:00
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