Hair Jig Tying 101 for Northern Pike

Article by Mike Lunde Northern pike are one of the dominant predators that roam the endless freshwater highways and lake systems across the state of Alaska. Both underneath the shadowy depths and embedded Read More...

Hair Jig Tying 101 for Northern Pike2018-05-24T10:12:05-08:00

Fairbanks Northern Pike

Northern Pike Northern pike are opportunistic, voracious feeders programmed to eliminate the weak, and their keen predatory disposition is matched with endowments perfectly suited for the job. Fish are the preferred fodder for Read More...

Fairbanks Northern Pike2017-10-01T08:48:57-08:00

Pike Paradise

A Hunt for Monster Yukon River Pike Story and photo by Marcus Weiner "On my planet, we have a sun." It's pushing 90 degrees, Alaska is on fire, and we are on a Read More...

Pike Paradise2018-10-14T21:14:25-08:00

Northern Pike: Water Wolf

The northern pike can attain massive sizes, especially in the vast, remote, and virtually unknown watersheds of Alaska's Yukon River drainage. As pike angler Boris Popov says, "Nowhere else in North America can Read More...

Northern Pike: Water Wolf2018-09-25T12:42:01-08:00
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