Best Fishing Rods in 2020

The best fishing rods for Alaska vary widely depending on what fish species you’re targeting, where you are in the state, and each angler’s personal preference. We at Fish Alaska test a wide Read More...

Best Fishing Rods in 20202021-02-26T15:08:54-09:00

Reels and Rods

Reels and rods are part of fishing 101, but with the constant upgrades in technology and build quality it's important to keep an eye out for the latest gear. Here are our current Read More...

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Best Fishing Rods for Alaska 2018

Fish Alaska Editors test a gamut of fishing rods for Alaska each year from single handed fly rods to rods meant for trolling in the Pacific salt. We test fly rods, spey rods, Read More...

Best Fishing Rods for Alaska 20182018-03-22T11:55:18-08:00

Rods and Reels

New Fishing Reels and Rods for Fishing in Alaska in 2017 PENN Rival Reel & Rod/Reel Combo www.pennfishing.com Engineered to be an extremely versatile all-around reel at an affordable price, the Penn Rival Read More...

Rods and Reels2017-10-06T09:55:38-08:00

Rods | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

Best Fishing Rods for Fishing in Alaska TFO BVK Spey Rod TF 08 134 4 B (13-foot, 4-inch 8-weight) www.tforods.com The BVK Spey rods are similar to the TFO Deer Creek series, but Read More...

Rods | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards2017-10-06T13:08:42-08:00

The Gear We Love This Month: Gear Essentials for 2014

Each year at Fish Alaska magazine, we make our way through piles of gear, testing, re-testing and winnowing down the competition until we can tell you with confidence the products that are going Read More...

The Gear We Love This Month: Gear Essentials for 20142017-10-09T17:43:32-08:00
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