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Tag: smoked salmon

smoked salmon

By Executive Chef Bobby Sidro The Lakefront Anchorage Ingredients 1 lb salmon (cut into strips) 1 oz white wine 2 oz heavy cream ¼ tsp dill Salt and pepper to taste Corn starch (to thicken the sauce)

There’s lots of ways to smoke salmon and even more opinions on the brines that impart the best flavor. I was one of the judges at our 2011 recipe contest and tasted just about all 32 contestant’s smoked salmon. It’s obvious that Alaskans know how to make delicious smoked fish. Here are some smoked salmon […]

By Melissa Norris There is very little that is quintessentially more Alaskan than homemaking smoked salmon. When thinking about this I also realized that nearly everyone who smokes salmon thinks their

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