Hot Spot Fishing & Lure Pro Series Flashers Salty DogHotSpot.jpg
These Canadian-made, 11-inch flashers are rigged with genuine Sampo ball-bearing swivels and stainless-steel snaps. The #967 UV Salty Dog Flasher has a unique UV pigment that absorbs and concentrates the UV light reflection at the edges of the blade. In addition, the transparent metallic tape on the front offers great reflection and allows UV from the blade to reflect through it. The back is fully dressed with Crushed Pearl Glow Tape. They really shine in low-light conditions and on cloudy or overcast days. This looks like another fish-catching winner from Hot Spot, inventors of the original patented plastic flasher.

 Wicked Lures King Killer

Wicked-Lure.jpgWicked King Killers are a new and innovative product specifically designed to cast, troll, back-bounce, plunk, float-fish and run behind divers. They combine a spinner blade with a squid and come in a range of color combinations. Wicked Lures are proving to be very effective for catching salmon, as we found out on Lake Creek targeting Chinook in 2016.

BnR Tackle Soft Trout BeadsBnR.jpg
BnR Tackle Soft Trout Beads offer a bead that has the feel of a real egg, which causes fish to hold onto them longer and gives anglers longer to set the hook. Soft Beads are offered in 6-, 7-, 8-, 10- and 12mm in a variety of bead patterns. Each package comes with beads and everything you need to rig the bead. 

Promar ProFloat NetsPromar.jpg
Over the past year Promar has been introducing an array of new innovations and redesigned products for today’s anglers. Two of those new products are Promar’s new ProFloat Series Landing Nets. These nets feature a durable, high-buoyancy foam body that is reinforced with an internal anti-corrosion aluminum frame. They come outfitted with rubber coated Hook Resist mesh netting secured to either a 13.5- x 18.5-inch hoop or a 18.5- x 20.5-inch hoop. This is an excellent solution for wade, kayak, float tube or small boat fishermen who don’t want to lose another net in the water. 

Pro-Troll Lighted Flasher SeriesFLPC11-105-Glow-Green.jpg
Pro-Troll has added a new Lighted Flasher series to its lineup. Flashing lights are now available in the ProChip 11, ProChip 8, and the ProFin 6 flasher series. The small oval light emits a bright white, red and green flash. It is permanently sealed, lasts 80 hours or more of trolling time and can then be easily replaced. The light turns on when it enters the water and off when removed. Most fish are attracted to a light, so this style flasher promises to be a big winner.

Izorline Fluorocarbon LeaderIzorline.jpg
Izorline’s Fluorocarbon is very dense, which allows it to sink faster than other lines due to its high specific gravity. Thishelps you get your bait or lure down to the fish more rapidly. Another advantage lies in its unique reflective index, which makes it practically invisible underwater. It is available in a very wide range of tests in multiple spool sizes.

Seaguar Abrazx Musky/Pike LeaderSeaguar.jpg
This fluorocarbon leader material has been designed as a replacement for wire leaders when targeting fish with big, sharp teeth. We think this would be a good choice for northern pike and lingcod. It’s tough and nearly invisible, providing excellent knot strength. Plus, it’s easier on the fish compared to wire if they roll up in the leader. Choose from 80-, 90-, 100- or 130-pound-test in 25-yard coils.

Pro-Cure Bait WaxxPro-Cure-Bait-Waxx.jpg
Bait Waxx is a formulation for enhancing any lure with a potent trail of amino acids that trigger strikes. It’s UV-enhanced to add extra attraction to your lures. Bait Waxx is available in seven fish-catching formulas: Shrimp, Monster Bass, Real Crawfish, Trophy Trout, Minnow Blend, Nightcrawler and Trophy Walleye.

Eppinger Dardevle Salmon KitEppinger-Dardevle-Salmon-kit.jpg
The Dardevle salmon kit has a selection of spoons with unique action and vibrant colors that have proven to produce aggressive strikes from both salmon and steelhead, making them a favorite of fishermen from the Northwest coastal rivers to Alaska. They are available in over 100 colors, including extended glow and in 1/3-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes.

Wicked King KillersWicked-King-Killer.jpg
Wicked King Killers are an innovative product specifically designed to cast, troll, back-bounce, plunk, float-fish and run behind divers. They come in a variety of colors and combine a #6 brass blade, with a 2/0 Gamakatsu red octopus hook tied on a 6-foot, 30-pound Platinum Moss Green Izorline leader. Wicked Lures have proven to be especially effective for catching salmon. Try them when targeting king and coho salmon, lake and rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and Arctic char, as well as northern pike.

Acme UV/Glow Side-WinderAcmeUVGlowSide-Winder.jpg
This spoon has proven deadly on many species of fish. When jigged with quick, short lifts of the rod, the lure darts upward and then flutters through the fall, imitating a wounded baitfish. It can also be fished with longer, slower jigging strokes to produce a rocking motion that also entices fish to bite. Now this spoon will be even more effective with the addition of UV/Glow colors to the series. Daylight will energize the spoon, and shining artificial light on them will speed up the process. They are available in four colors in 1/8-, 1/5- and 1/3-ounce sizes.

Promar Submersible LED Strobe LightsPromar.jpg
Water-activated, submersible deep-drop strobe lights attract interest from baitfish, gamefish and squid. These work well when fishing for deep-water halibut, black cod and rockfish and they are even productive when trolling for salmon. The self-contained lithium battery provides over 300 hours of use (100 hours for the Disco model). Attach these lights on squid jigs, bait rigs, deep-water rigs and even on life jackets for safety purposes. They are available in six colors: Blue, Disco, Green, Red, Ultra Violet (UV) and White. 

Wicked Lures King KillerWicked-Lure.jpg
Wicked King Killers are a new and innovative product specifically designed to cast, troll, back-bounce, plunk, float-fish and run behind divers. They combine a spinner blade with a squid and come in a range of color combinations. Wicked Lures are proving to be very effective for catching salmon, as we found out on Lake Creek targeting Chinook in 2016.

Hot Spot Fishing & Lure Pro Series Flashers Salty DogHotSpot.jpg
These Canadian-made, 11-inch flashers are rigged with genuine Sampo ball-bearing swivels and stainless-steel snaps. The #967 UV Salty Dog Flasher has a unique UV pigment that absorbs and concentrates the UV light reflection at the edges of the blade. In addition, the transparent metallic tape on the front offers great reflection and allows UV from the blade to reflect through it. The back is fully dressed with Crushed Pearl Glow Tape. They really shine in low-light conditions and on cloudy or overcast days. This looks like another fish-catching winner from Hot Spot, inventors of the original patented plastic flasher.

Mack’s Lure Wiggle Hoochie 4.5-inchMacksLure.jpg
The Wiggle Hoochie’s hook is attached by a duo-lock snap swivel; this allows an angler to easily and quickly change hooks. It is rigged on 40-pound fluorocarbon for strength and leader invisibility in the water. The Wiggle Hoochie’s unique crank-style bill design produces a quick, erratic, vibrating action that drives predatory fish to strike. Add in the hoochie skirt with pulsing tentacles and you’ve got the makings of a dynamite lure. It comes in several proven UV colors. Mack’s Lure suggests that you try one behind a Sling Blade dodger. Use it wherever you might troll for salmon or trout including rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. With this product, we especially like that you can replace any of the four components of the lure and be back to fishing quickly.

Acme Tackle Little CleoAcmeTackleLittleCleo_FeatImg.jpg
For over 30 years Little Cleo spoons have been helping anglers take limits of fish throughout North America. The unique humpbacked shape of a Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action. As the lure is pulled through the water, the illusion created is one of a fat baitfish, acting in an erratic or confused manner. This odd behavior triggers the predatory nature of the gamefish. Fish strike out of curiosity and anger, as well as hunger. This three-way appeal draws more strikes and explains Little Cleo’s fantastic success. It works well in both ice- andopen-water fishing.

Luhr Jensen High-Contrast KwikfishFA-DEC-16-Luhr-Jensen-High-Contrast-Kwikfish.jpg
Three new finishes of Luhr Jensen Kwikfish feature bold, high-contrast color combinations to make a strong presentation to salmon in glacial water flows. Green / Chartreuse Dual Dots, Black / Chartreuse Dual Dots and Chartreuse / Pink Dual Dots include best-of-the-best combinations for Alaska’s rivers. Black / Chartreuse is a favorite on the Kenai. Chartreuse / Pink is exceptional on the Nushagak and Green / Chartreuse is a favorite everywhere salmon swim. New Dual Dot finishes are available on all Kwikfish sizes from 13X to K16. 

FISH-FIELD Pro-Dogger FloatsScreen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_9.17.33_AM.png
FISH-FIELD Pro-Dogger floats are hand-crafted from high-quality EVA foam and are built for durability with braid-friendly inserts. Perhaps the most technologically-advanced bobber-doggin’ floats on the market, they have been tested and approved by fishing professionals, and their shape and color combinations have been specifically designed to give you great sensitivity and long-range tracking capabilities. Pro-Dogger floats come in three sizes: M, L and LL, and include bobber stops.

BnR Tackle Soft Beads 

Screen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_9.11.02_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_9.16.50_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2016-07-25_at_9.17.13_AM.pngThese beads are available in sizes from 6- to 16mm and have three key features in comparison to traditional hard beads. The feel and texture is more realistic, as Soft Beads are soft and have a consistency similar to real eggs, which results in a natural-feeling bait. They are engineered to be neutrally buoyant as well, which gives the bead a natural presentation. And they are extremely versatile, as Soft Beads have a hole in them that allows you to be able to switch color or size by pulling the bead over the bobber stop and off the end of your hook. This speeds up time switching beads when searching to find the hot size and color for the day. Each pack includes 10 beads, 10 bobber stops and 10 bead sleeves.


P-Line Laser MinnowScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_1.45.32_PM.png
Anglers who are looking to make a solid addition to their tackle arsenal should seriously consider the P-Line Laser Minnow. These lead jigs have become popular with both fresh- and saltwater anglers for a number of different applications. The Laser Minnow family is extremely versatile, ranging in size from ½-ounce all the way up to 6 ounces and is available in 23 colors. The smaller jigs have proven effective on the ice for both trout and sheefish, while the bigger jigs are deadly on the salt for salmon, rockfish, lingcod and shallow-water halibut fishing. What makes the Laser Minnow unique is the heat shrink, laser tape finish, along with the sleek, oblong shape and the sharp edges that give the jig a life-like look and action. The lure absolutely dances in the water when vertical jigged on a slack line. Testers report that the 2- and 3-ounce versions are working well for kings and coho, while lingcod will inhale the 4- and 6-ounce 

Hot Spot Fishing & Lure Pro Series FlashersScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_1.35.14_PM.png
These Canadian-made 11-inch flashers are rigged with genuine Sampo ball bearing swivels and stainless steel snaps. The #945 U.V. Green Onion Flasher has a unique U.V. pigment that absorbs and concentrates the ultraviolet light reflection at the edges of the blade. They really shine in low light conditions and on cloudy or overcast days. The 1-inch strike-inducing glow stripe on the back makes these flashers even more deadly!

Pro-Cure Super SauceScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_1.31.14_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_1.31.37_PM.png
Made from real, whole, fresh bait and real Pro-Cure fish oils, Super Sauce is the culmination of 30 years of bait-scent research and development and has been guide-tested. Enhanced with UV Flash, it is available in the hottest fluorescent colors and comes in an easy-to-use 4-ounce squeeze bottle.  Super Sauce is easy to apply, and it sticks well to lures, plugs, jigs, hoochies, soft plastics, dead bait and even live bait. 

FISH-FIELD Lead FishScreen_Shot_2016-06-30_at_1.27.57_PM.png
FISH-FIELD Lead Fish are molded into a distinctive shape and covered with unique lazer tape, plus glow paint and a UV coating. With their fast-fall tumbling action fish can’t help but bite these jigs and they have been tested and proven by both sport- and commercial fishermen. You can drop these to the bottom and reel-up quickly or cast and retrieve with varied pauses. The action will trigger strikes from a variety of species, such as rockfish, lingcod, salmon and halibut. The different colors are designed for different weather, times of the year and water conditions. Sizes range from 2- to 6 ounces and there are lots of colors available.

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Flashing Light Bottom Fish JigsKODIAKCUSTOM_JUNE16_GEARBAG.jpg
Kodiak Custom Flashing Light Bottom Fish Jigs are designed to mimic oceanic creatures such as octopus, squid and cuttlefish that release bioluminescence (the production and emission of light). The flashing light emitted from bioluminescence can attract predatory fish and trigger a feeding frenzy. An LED light automatically flashes when the lure is submersed and turns off when the lure is dry. Each light contains a sealed battery that offers approximately 250 hours of continual flashing life. 

P-Line C21 Copolymer lineP-LINE_JUNE16_GEARBAG.jpg
Anglers heading to Alaska’s rivers this summer should seriously consider P-Line’s new C21 copolymer fishing line. This line has been built to have very little memory, which means it will work well on both spinning and baitcasting reels. Cast-ability is one of the most important attributes for an angler, and C21 delivers with soft construction that literally flies off the reel with virtually no memory. The line is also extremely strong and will work great for salmon, trout, steelhead or grayling fishing applications. P-Line staff successfully tested this line in harsh, freezing conditions on the Situk chasing steelhead and tossed spinners and spoons all over Southeast fishing for coho and were impressed with the fish-ability and cast-ability of C21. The line is available in 300-yard and bulk spools in Crystal Clear and in sizes ranging from 4- to 30-pound-test.

Eppinger Dardevle Klicker spoonEPPINGER_JUNE16_GEARBAG.jpg
Eppinger’s Dardevle Klicker spoons have proven to be an awesome lure when the fishing becomes difficult and you need something extra to stir up the bite. The Klicker has two willow blades that add both flash and sound to your presentation. The willow blades vibrate against the hook and flash as the lure is retrieved through the water column, making them irresistible to gamefish. The Dardevle Klicker comes in over 100 colors and is available in three sizes: 2/3-, 3/4- and 1-ounce.

Yellow Bird Fishing Products KB SpoonYELLOWBIRD_JUNE16_GEARBAG.jpg
The KB spoon has been helping anglers catch fish since 1929 throughout the United States and Canada. Fishermen who target trophy bass, muskies, walleye, lake trout, striped bass and northern pike should include the KB spoon in their tackle boxes. We have no doubt that it would be effective for most species of salmon, as well as rainbow trout, char and a range of other species in Alaska. The KB’s extra-wide wobbling action and unique shape produces vicious strikes. The KB spoon is available in 10 highly-reflective holographic colors and 4 sizes.

Eagle Claw TroKar TK400 & TK240 Eagle_Claw_1.pngEagle_Claw_2.png
The Eagle Claw TroKar TK400 has set the industry-standard for octopus hooks, while the TK240 is an exceptional design that borrows its attributes from the classic round-bend worm hook. Built with ultra-strong Q741 wire and a unique tempering process, the TK240 Pro-V Bend and the TK400 Octopus hook offer anglers the advantage when hooking up with targeted species. Boasting more than just a durable design, these hooks also feature TroKar’s Surgically Sharpened Technology, making them the sharpest hooks in the world. Designed by the TroKar engineering crew and manufactured by American workers at the Eagle Claw factory in Denver, these classic hook shapes have been given a new lease on life through technology and innovation. The TK400 is available in size 1 through 9/0 and the TK240 is available in size 2/0 through 5/0. 

Pro-Cure Super Sauce Pro_Cure_Super_Sauce.png
Pro-Cure brings versatility as well as effectiveness to their new Super Sauce. Pro-Cure’s new sticky formula has the perfect consistency for both bait and artificial lures. It is available in 10 proven fish-catching formulas. These UV-enhanced and amino-based scents are availablein a new 4-ounce squeeze bottle and are sure to catch the attention of anglers all over the world. 

Mack’s Lure Wedding Ring UV SpinnerMacks_Lure.jpg
The updated Wedding Ring UV Spinner enhances the classic presentation with quality colored limestone diamonds that create a brilliant reflection, a super-sharp red hook and hand-painted metal blades that are highly visible under UV light. This lure has been catching fish for a long time and the updates should make it even more deadly. 

Salamander SinkersSalamander_Sinkers.jpg
These innovative sinkers are setting a new standard for drift-sinker fishing. Snag-resistant and lead-free, the sinkers are designed with an inline single- or double swivel and keep the bait in the strike zone without dredging the bottom. 

Yellow Bird Fishing Products Doctor SpoonsDrSpoonUltraViolet.jpg
MSRP: $4.50 to $13.00
Fishermen world wide catch trophy fish on Doctor Spoons. Their unique design allows these spoons to be fished at almost any speed with deadly results. The “double-action” spoon allows you to attach the hook to the large end for a wide, sweeping action and mid-depth running; switch the hook to the narrow end for a wobbling action, which creates more vibration and facilitates deeper running. The Doctor Spoon is available in six sizes, eight styles and over 40 colors and jewelry-like finishes, giving anglers enough choices to catch just about all species of fish. Made in the U.S.A., the Doctor Spoon comes in 8 series: Casting, Trolling, Big Game, Premium, Original, Great Lakes, Ice Fishing and Ultra-Violet.

Seaguar Threadlock High-Impact BraidSeaguar.jpg
MSRP: varies by test; 600-yard spool, 50-pound-test: $129.99; 200-pound-test: $159.99; 2,500-yard spool, 50-pound-test: $549.99; 200-pound-test: $749.99
Developed for anglers targeting big fish Seaguar’s Threadlock Braid is made with 16 strands in a high-density weave for amazing tensile- and knot strength. It is exceptionally strong and smooth with unmatched abrasion resistance. Threadlock is hollow-core for easy knotless leader connections to Seaguar fluorocarbon leader material, making it the perfect braid-to-fluorocarbon connection. It’s available from 50- to 200-pound-test sizes in camo green, hi-vis white, yellow and blue. Threadlock comes on either 600- or 2,500-yard-spools.  

Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Seaguar_PinkLabel_BigGame.jpg
MSRP: Varies: $9.99 for 15-pound-test 
Pink Label 100% fluorocarbon leader material is made from exclusive Seaguar resins, leaving it soft and supple with superior tensile strength, abrasion resistance and minimal stretch. Above the surface, the subtle pink color enhances line visibility, and below the surface, pink is the first color that disappears in the water column. And invisible tippet means maximum strikes. Pink Label is available in 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 80- and 100-pound-test and in a Big Game version in 130-, 150- and 200-pound-test. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of Pink Label are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

ACME Tackle Super Glow Little Cleo ACME_little_cleo.jpg
MSRP: 1/3-ounce for $6.79; 2/5-ounce for $7.29; 3/4-ounce for $8.99
The all new Super Glow Little Cleo by ACME has all the same quality features that made the spoon famous and now comes in a Glow model.  Whether trolled or cast it will get noticed by a wide variety of game fish including salmon, char, trout, and pike.

Ande Monofilament Braid ANDE_Braid.jpg
MSRP: Ranges from $39.99 to $360 depending on spool size.
This new introduction from Ande Monofilament is soft and quiet through the rod guides, doesn’t stretch, has no memory and a small diameter. Braid by Ande comes in a range of spool sizes from 300- to 3000 meters and in a range of tests from 20- to 150 pounds. The graphite colored line transmits bites well and is very sensitive, allowing you to feel more bites and set the hook quickly which results in more fish landed.

P Line XTCB Braided Line
MSRP: XTCB-4: 150 yd – $14.99 to $17.99; 300 yd $27.99 to $32.99 XTCB-8: 150 yd – $18.99; 300 yd – $34.99
XTCB is a new braided line that features DuPont’s Teflon Surface Protector. The benefit to the angler is a line with more abrasion resistance that flows through the guides with less friction and allows for longer casting. Fishermen can also expect better knot strength than with ordinary braids. XTCB has been created with an extremely tight weave and increased body, which makes it perfect for both spinning and baitcasting reels, as well as an amazing strength-to-diameter ratio with virtually zero stretch. XTCB will be available in a standard version, which is predominately 4 carrier (in the smaller sizes), and a deluxe version known as XTCB-8. XTCB-8 has all of the same great features as XTCB, plus by using 8 strands of fiber during the braiding process, P-Line has made a braid which is extremely tight and compact. The benefit to the angler is an ultra-smooth finish and the ability to retain its round shape while having a smaller diameter.   

Pro-Cure Liquid Egg Cure
MSRP: $8.99

Pro-Cure Liquid Egg Cure is simple to use and effective; just split your skeins in half or cut into fishable clusters and soak them in brine for 4- to 8 hours, drain and let dry. The cure is available in the following colors: Redd Hot, Orange Glow and Hot Pink. Pro-Cure uses amino acids, krill powder and UV Flash combined with their proven egg-cure formulas to entice salmon and steelhead to bite.

Acme Glow and UV Series KastmasterAcme_Lure_clipped.jpg
MSRP: $2.99 to $5.99
New to the Kastmaster line in 2015, Glow and UV series spoons are available in 1/24- to 3/8-ounce models. Daylight will energize the lures and an angler can speed up the process by shining a flashlight on them. The spoon is machined from solid brass, which means it won’t break, bend or corrode, and it retains its brilliance even after excessive saltwater exposure. It’s designed for maximum casting distanceand to produce an erratic action without line twist. 

Eppinger The Original Redeye Wiggler Eppinger.jpg
MSRP: $4.95 to $8.95
The Original Redeye Wiggler with its unique fluttering action is not only one of the best northern pike lures in North America but is also an excellent lure choice for salmon in Alaska. The bright finishes available include vibrant pink, chartreuse and florescent orange, and each has proven to be very effective for all five species of salmon. 

Kalin’s 10-Inch Big’N GrubKalins.jpg
MSRP: $7.99 for 2-pack
Kalin’s Big’N Grubs are proven fish-catchers; this holds particularly true for halibut, lingcod and other bottomfish throughout Alaska. The 10-inch version is well-suited for the oversized fish commonly found in the Great Land’s saltwaters and pairs nicely with heavy jig heads. These soft baits incorporate a ribbed body, oversized curl tail to produce a swimming action and come in 10 colors. Also available in 6- and 8-inch models. 

Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Ice GelsProCure.jpg
MSRP: $7.87
Mr. Icehole Ice Gels are made from real whole bait and then supercharged with powerful amino acids to intensify scent and breakdown scent molecules to travel farther and faster through the water column, while triggering an impulse in a fish’s brain to feed. They are also enhanced with UV Flash to produce a bait scent fish not only smell but see. Ice Gels stick well to jigs, spoons, soft plastics and bait and are available in two-ounce squeeze bottles in five flavors including: Trophy Trout, Smelt/Shiner/Shad blend, Panfish Perch, Musky Pike and Walleye.

Eagle Claw TroKar TK400TK400_cmyk.jpg
MSRP: $6.99 per package

This Octopus-style hook is incredibly strong and sharp; made from surgically sharpened tempered wire. It is designed with a 22-degree offset which increases the hook-up ratio, and is available in 13 sizes from 6 through 9/0.

Mack’s Lure Smile Blade Shrimp Rig
MSRP: $3.99MacksSmileBladeShrimpRig.jpg
This lure combines a Mack’s LureSmile Blade with a Cha Cha pill float on a 74-inch, 20-pound-test leader that terminates with a 2/0 single hook and #6 treble trailer hook. It comes in 6 color options and produces extra flash and wiggle at speeds as low as 1/4 mph. Use this lure to target salmon, steelhead and trout. 

Mepps Comet TRU-V Spinners
MSRP: $4.75 – $6.60
As most anglers already know, many baitfish and small gamefish have patterns that reflect UV light, which predatory-fish such as trout, char and salmon can use to their advantage when seeking prey. Mepps_UV.jpgTo help anglers target these fish, Mepps Comet TRU-V spinners are UV-enhanced beyond traditional UV-finishes, with each spinner featuring blade- and body colors that provide maximum contrast at any depth and under all fishing  conditions. The Comet TRU-V spinners are available in 6 sizes and 12 colors, with both a treble or single hook provided.

Seaguar STS Trout/Steelhead Fluorocarbon Leaders
MSRP: $11.99 to $13.99

This is a tough fluorocarbon line with superior knot strength that comes in a 100-yard spool, and in seven options 1STS_troutsalmon.jpgfrom 4- to 17-pound-test. Try this line in clearwater locations where added stealth will mean more salmon, trout and steelhead. For many techniques and presentations, fluorocarbon provides an advantage, especially as leader or tippet material, as it virtually disappears in water.

Thomas Lures Buoyant
MSRP: $3.69 to $5.29
The Bouyant is an erratic-action wobbling spoon that we have found effective on trout and salmon. It comes in 1/6-, 1/4-, 1/2- and 5/8-ounce sizes and in over 20 patterns. The hammered surface and jewelry-quality finishes make these strikingly good-looking spoons. Use a moderately slow retrieve or troll speed to obtain optimum lure action.

Hot Spot Agitator Flasher
MSRP: $11.99 to $13.99

This flasher creates vibration and fish-attracting reflection at any speed and offers very little drag in the water. Rigged with Sampo ball-bearingHotSpot_Agitator_Flasher_thumb.jpg swivels, welded rings and brass eyelets, it provides a combination of strength and performance. And when you hook into a big Chinook, you’ll appreciate fighting the fish and not the flasher. Available in two sizes and 17 finishes, now including super high-vis UV reflective options.

HEVI-BEADS “All-In-One System”
MSRP: $2.19 to $64.99
HEVI-BEADS has taken bead fishing to a whole new level. Not only have they changed the game with their unique weighted beads, called HEVI-BEADS, and their neutral buoyant beads, which are called HEVI-LITES, but they have also changed how you will peg your bead from now on.Hevi_Beads_thumb.jpg The pegging material called HEVI-BANDZ not only pegs your bead better than ever before, it allows you to add yarn, hackle, flash or whatever to your bead and make your own “Steak-N-Eggs” fly in seconds. Another serious advantage is that you can add a bead to your line without taking your hook off. In addition, the system incorporates two other products called the BEAD IT TOOL and the HEVI-VISE and when these are used with the HEVI-BEADS and the HEVI-BANDZ you can turn your beads into flies, jigs, spinners, lures or whatever you can think of in just seconds and without any knots, wire or head cement. We viewed the system at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show and were impressed with the ease and speed in which an angler can change a bead; at the durability and weight of the glass beads, which should make for easier casting with a reduced amount of split-shot necessary; and were intrigued at the possibilities that this system could add to our arsenal. Beads come in a range of sizes from 6- to 12 mm andmany colors. The future of bead fishing is here with HEVI-BEADS.

Danielson.jpgDanielson Steelhead Jig Heads
MSRP: $1.99 to $2.49 for 3 pack
The NEW Danielson Steelhead Jig Heads feature the Matzuo 2X strong 90º  Sickle Jig Hook.  These hooks are super sharp and strong and are designed to penetrate fast and hold better than standard jig hooks.  Available in 1/8th and 1/4 ounce in black, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, glow and unpainted. 

Sonic_Attractor_Clear.jpgCagi Outdoor Products Sonic Fish Attractor
MSRP: $7.49
Most anglers on the water recognize that sight and smell are important considerations when presenting a bait. But what about sound? The Cagi Sonic Fish Attractor was designed by a former NASA physicist to emit a low frequency vibration proven to be in the range that fish associate with distressed or dying prey. The Sonic Attractor can be placed in-line ahead of any lure or bait and will improve your chances of hooking up. It comes in four colors, weighs 1/2-ounce and measures 1 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches long.

Hopkins LuresHopkins.jpg
MSRP: $8.79 to $10.53 for two-ounce
Hopkins NO=EQL lures are the original Hopkins lures and are built to resemble baitfish. The hammered stainless-steel finish aided by the polished concave reflective surfaces at each end result in a “mysterious gleam” irresistible to gamefish. The body is crafted from rustproof stainless steel, making it equally viable in salt- and freshwater, and it’s designed to handle the rugged conditions often found when fishing rocky structure. The NO=EQL comes in hammered and smooth variations, ranges in size from .33-ounce to 6 ounces and can be equipped with either a treble or single hook, as well as various tail treatments including feathers, bucktails and tubes. We’ve used this lure to catch multiple species, such as silver salmon, pike, rockfish, lingcod and halibut.

Pro-Cure Garlic Bloody Tuna and Anise Bloody Tuna Oils and Super Gels ProCureGarlicBloodyTuna.jpg
MSRP: starting at $7.15

These two flavors are the newest additions to a product line teeming with proven scents. We’ve already had success with these new oils and gels fishing for steelhead and salmon. Super Gels are super sticky, don’t wash off easily and create a long-lasting scent trail. They can be applied to plugs, spoons, spinners, jigs, wobblers, etc. Bait Oils can be used to marinate, squirt onto or inject into baits. The addition of UV Flash to oils and gels makes them even more effective, as the UV brings fish in to investigate and the scent causes them to feed. Both the Super Gel and Bait Oil lineups are filled with options to increase your success across a wide range of fish species.

Lazer Trokar TK11 Extreme Octopus Saltwater Hookslazertrokar.jpg
MSRP: $21.99*
New for 2013 from the first manufacturer of surgically sharpened hooks comes the “Big Nasty,” the moniker given to the TK11 Extreme Octopus hook from Lazer Trokar. Whether fishing for barn-door halibut or side-drifting for chrome-bright salmon, the TK11 Big Nasty offers a perfect solution. Complete with welded eye and offered in sizes 2/0 -7/0, the Big Nasty is applicable to a variety of tactics and species across the state’s saltwater environments. *Hook quantities per package vary by size: 2/0 (13); 3/0 and 4/0 (12); 5/0 (11); 6/0 (9); 7/0 (8).


Eagle Claw TroKar TK3 & TK4 Saltwater Lancet Circle HooksEagleClaw_TroKar.jpg
MSRP: $21.99 for five-pack
Starting this year, Lazer TroKar has an entire line of hooks specifically dedicated to saltwater fishing enthusiasts. This line includes circle hooks in a variety of styles that should be of interest to Alaska’s saltwater big-game anglers. All TroKar saltwater hooks receive special care when it comes to their plating, as the company employs a unique and extended plating process that builds an increased layer of protective finishes on the carbon steel hook. These extra layers of corrosion-resistant metals help ensure extended life and fishing time when exposed to saltwater. As to the hooks themselves, the main difference boils down to wire diameters and offsets, as the TK3 and TK4 Lancet Circle Hooks have a slightly heavier diameter than the TK5 AP Circle Hook; the TK3 and TK4 differ only in their geometry, as the TK3 has an offset point design. Both styles are surgically-sharpened and are available in sizes from 1/0 through 9/0.

American_Maple_Diamond_Jigs.jpgAmerican Maple Assault Diamond Jigs from Ahi USA
MSRP: $3.99 to $11.99
The Assault Diamond Jig has been designed to mimic baitfish and comes with a state-of-the-art 3D holographic reflective finish, a pattern that emulates fish scales, and now glow eyes as well, giving the jig an ever-more realistic presentation. The 3D finish also protects the paint from chipping and flaking. Jigs are constructed with Mustad 3X treble hooks, solid welded rings and beefy crane swivels. Assault Diamond Jigs have proven deadly on rockfish, lingcod and halibut. They come in five colors—Silver Flash, Mackerel, Baby Red, Glow and Blue and are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14-ounce models. Single-hook models will be available this summer.

Hot Spot Ultraviolet Pilchard and Ultraviolet Bloody Pilchard FlashersHot_Spot_Bloody_Pilchard.jpg
MSRP: $14.95
Hot Spot has again added to their arsenal of original ultraviolet finishes. The UV-impregnated blades are both overlaid with holographic scale-pattern tape that reflects and mimics the silver flash of salmon. Both flashers have an iridescent blue edge commonly seen on salmon and baitfish dorsal surfaces. The UV Pilchard finish has a series of large fluorescent chartreuse circles with a black center. The UV Bloody Pilchard fluorescent chartreuse circles have a fluorescent red center that acts as a bloody strike inducer. The resulting combination of ultraviolet, holographics and fluorescence offers finishes that will produce when fishing inshore or offshore, and at all depths.

Eppinger_Rex_Photos_83.jpgSpin’n Rex Spoon by Eppinger
MSRP: $7
Eppinger manufacturing, makers of the iconic Dardevle line of spoons, has reintroduced the original Weezle Bait Company weedless Spin ‘N Rex spoon. The Rex spoon is constructed from the same high-quality materials that have made the Dardevle a worldwide performance lure for over 100 years. The Rex spoons’ unique darting action and ultra-flash consistently trigger aggressive strikes in gamefish while penetrating the thickest of weed beds and submerged structure that big pike like to call home.

Blue Fox Pixee Spoon UVblue_fox_uv_bright_pixee_spoon.jpg
MSRP: $3.49 to $5.49
New for last season’s salmon forays, the inimitable Pixee—Alaska’s precious metal—was given a bit of an upgrade and made available with a UV finish to go along with the nickel- and gold-plated, painted and metallic finishes already on the shelves. And over the course of the open-water fishing season, it more than proved its worth, particularly for silver and chum salmon. The UV Pixees still feature the Blue Fox Flow Sac inserts to add that natural element to your offering, and the hammered finish reflects more light-increasing flash. With the addition of the UV finish, you can now pull in fish from farther away, in deeper and murkier water.

kwikfish.jpgLuhr Jensen Kwikfish Blazin’ UV
MSRP: $5.99 to $7.99
Long a staple for Alaska’s salmon anglers, your go-to plug now has all-new color patterns to brighten your May and June mornings. These Kwikfish feature the same full-throttle, aggressive actions that force an immediate response from fish, while offering the new Blazin’ UV colors to add attraction when fishing cloudy, tidal-affected waters or rivers blown-out with rainfall and snowmelt—common features of early-season king fishing.

Halibut Limit Out Bait Rigphoto.jpg
MSRP: $11.99
Innovation has come to Alaska halibut fishing, with the Halibut Limit Out Bait Rig, which provides the same tight-spinning action as the salmon Bait Rigs, but this one is built with a Glow Hoochie, 150-pound-test monofilament and swivel, two 10/0 stainless hooks and all crimped attachments. Just slide Blue or Green Label Herring under the hoochie and the rig can be trolled, jigged or fished on anchor in the tidal current.

Luhr_Jensen.jpgLuhr Jensen Hydro Vibe Extreme
MSRP: $7.99
This innovative trolling spinner is designed with a vent in the blade that allows water to pass through and create more blade vibration. This design, combined with metal bearing beads that support the clevis, creates greater blade rotation at slower trolling speeds. The wire shaft is made from stainless steel, which provides strength, and both the shaft and  VMC Perma Steel treble hook are corrosion resistant. The lure comes in 8 color options, is five inches long with a #6-sized blade, weighs 7/16-ounce and is equipped with a 3/0 hook.

Blue River Designs Otter’s Egg Pegging Box Kit Blue_River_Designs_Pegging_Box.jpg
MSRP: $55
This product combines a storage box, soft milking eggs, beads and threaders. The storage box contains two hinged-lid removable hook boxes and eight-compartment removable egg boxes, as well as an insert on the lid that has 12 movable pegs and a hook bar, allowing an angler to pre-tie multiple leaders. You get to choose the bead size (4-, 6-, 8-, or 10mm single eggs, as well as 3 x 6mm clusters) and receive eight packs (20 eggs per pack) in these colors: apricot, apricot opaque, tangerine, tangerine/red, flash, dead egg white, apricot/silver flash, kiwi and salmon egg.

Jackson_Cardinal_Leech.jpgJackson Cardinal Flies Articulated Leeches
MSRP: $2.50
Looking at the range of 13 different color options brings to mind a variety of thoughts that include slab-sided kings pounding purple, blue and black articulated strip leeches, as well as hordes of oversized rainbows crushing ginger, pink and tan offerings swung tight on a sink-tip line. Looks like all of the color options in the mix would get grabbed, and there’s a range of hook sizes to accommodate the five varieties of salmon, as well as trout and char. 

Hevi Beads Alaska Roe HeviBeadsAlaskaRoe.jpg
MSRP: $4.79
These beads are a good match for freshly deposited eggs. Available in 6-, 8- and 10mm sizing with 20 beads per bag in the 6mm and 15 beads per bag in the 8- and 10mm sizing.

Yakima Bait Mag Lip YakimaBaitMagLip.jpg
MSRP: $5.99
This plug dives extra deep and comes in a 3.5-, 4.5- and now 5-inch models. The 3.5 dives to 14 feet and the 4.5 and 5.0 dive to 20 feet in optimum conditions. They are designed with side grooves to hold bait-wrap thread and swim with a “Skip Beat” action. There are many color options to choose from for salmon and steelhead anglers.

Big Fish Tuff Tackle Tru-Trip Deep Divers BigFishTuffTackleTruTripDivers.jpg
MSRP: $10.99 to $11.99
This innovative diver comes in three models capable of taking baits to 30-, 40- or 50 feet deep. Once the fish takes the bait, the Tru-Trip mechanism releases and the diver aligns with the fishing line, greatly reducing friction on the diver while fighting the fish. The diver has multiple leader attachment points to allow the angler to fine-tune depth of troll and the trip release can be adjusted for boat speed, bait weight and species of fish. Color options include clear, orange, purple power, stealth smoke and chartreuse.

Eppinger Devle Dog Spoon Eppinger_Devle_Dog_Glow.jpg
MSRP: $4 to $7
The Devle Dog series is one of the most versatile lures ever developed by Eppinger. Its powerful strike-producing action makes it a top choice when targeting salmon, steelhead, char, lake trout and pike. The lure is available in 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes and many colors including extended glow. The Devle Dog is 100% American made in Dearborn, Michigan by the Eppinger family. 


Rainbow Plastics Quick Float RainbowPlasticsQuickFloat.jpg
MSRP: $4.25 for two
This interesting product is among the many types of floats and bubbles produced by Rainbow Plastics. It can be easily attached to your line without cutting or re-rigging and can be filled with water to increase casting  distance. The float is available in clear, and transparent red or green. 

Hot Spot Apex Trolling Lure HotSpot_Apex_Trolling_Lure.jpg
MSRP: $4.99 to $6.29
This highly-effective trolling lure is deadly for salmon and trout. The rolling action accurately imitates a wounded baitfish, and the lure comes in over 40 finishes and seven sizes, so matching the baitfish is not a problem. The lure is rigged with a leader and is ready-to-fish.

Kodiak Custom Flashing Light Bottom Fish Jigs KodiakCustom_Flashing_Light_Jigs.jpg
MSRP: $25.99 to $29.99
Tony Davis is famous for producing kick-ass lures that catch fish. That’s why we call him “Famous Davis.” Flashing Light Bottom Fish Jigs will attract what’s swimming, and anglers across the state will be catching monster lingcod, feisty Chinook and coho, beastly yelloweye rockfish and garage-door halibut on these jigs. The flashing LED light, which will provide 200 hours of continuous flashing in its lifetime, comes on when the lure hits water and turns off when it comes out of the water, with no batteries or switches to operate. It’s equipped with a 300-pound monofilament trailer hook system, comes in six colors and 6-, 10- and 14-ounce sizes.

Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Plano_Deep_Waterproof_Stowaway.jpg
MSRP: $12.95
This tackle organizer comes with a Dri-Loc O-ring to keep water out, and seals down tight with three cam-action latches. It’s comprised of four divided chambers that can be subdivided into 15 compartments and will work well to hold large fresh- and saltwater lures. It’s 14 inches long, 9 inches wide and 2.875 inches tall.

Panther Martin SalmonLiteSeaEagle.jpg
MSRP: $5.49 to $7.49

New for 2016, the Panther Martin SalmonLite is the perfect lure for shallow-water river fishing. The lure’s hoochie tail skirts mimic baitfish that salmon, steelhead, char, trout and pike can’t resist. Between the hammered blades that reflect more light, UV paint that provides maximum visibility, UV-treated salmon egg bead and super-sharp Mustad Big Gun siwash single hook, the lure is sure to help anglers land more fish. It is available in eight colors: Gold Fire Tiger, Silver Pink, Blue Chartreuse Tiger, Green Chartreuse Tiger, Gold Pink Tiger, Purple Fluorescent Red Tiger, Yellow Fluorescent Red Tiger and Yellow Pink Tiger. Sizes include 1/4-, 3/10-, 3/8- and 1/2-ounce models.

Danielson Outdoors Charter Marine Product Linechartermarine.jpg
Danielson Outdoors, a leading manufacturer of terminal tackle including fishing accessories and shellfishing gear, is announcing the launch of a new brand for 2016. The development team at Danielson recognized the need to provide their customers with a marine product line that would not only compliment and enhance the trusted Danielson Outdoors family of products but also bring to the industry an excellent marine accessories line at an affordable cost. Categories include General Accessories, Electrical, Hardware and Plumbing, Motor and Fuel, Cordage, Anchors and Mooring, Safety and Paddle Sports. The new Charter Marine line will include over 225 products and will be available at retailers throughout the U.S. starting in the spring of 2016.

Seaguar Blue Label Leader MaterialSeaguar.jpg
MSRP: 25-yard-spool; 2-pound-test: $12.49; 80-pound-test: $82.49;100-yard-spool; 20-pound-test: $43.49; 80-pound-test: $136.99

Seaguar Blue Label 100% fluorocarbon leader material allows anglers to fish a smaller-test leader than comparable nylon or fluorocarbon because it is made through Seaguar’s state-of-the-art double-structure process. Double-Structure Fluorocarbon creates two custom,100% Seaguar fluorocarbon resins – a softer exterior resin to enhance knot strength and a high-density interior resin to improve tensile strength – which are extruded together as one solid piece. The end result is a high-performance fluorocarbon leader that is incredibly soft and strong with excellent tensile and knot strength. It also features Seaguar’s exclusive Level Wind Technology, which spools the line by laying it down side by side. This eliminates cross-contact marks, line over-stress, and twist, keeping line as pristine as possible from spool to reel. 

Ahi USA Live Deception JigsAhiUSA.jpg
MSRP: $4.99 to $10.99

Ahi USA’s new Live Deception Jigs are very lifelike—as realistic fish imagery is laser printed directly onto the jig – in addition to the jigs fluttering motion. They come in seven sizes: 1- to 6 ounces and an 8-ounce model. They are equipped with welded rings and 3x Mustad treble hooks, are chip- and flake-resistant and we found a wide range of salmon and bottomfish were eager to eat them.