Alaska Fly Fishing Tips

Expert tips on fly fishing in Alaska for salmon and rainbow trout as well as tying flies for Alaska, choosing fly gear, how-to catch and release fish safely, float trip know-how, fly fishing technique and more


Fly Fishing

By Jeremy Anderson, As this next summer of Alaska fishing gets closer to reality it’s time to think about what gear you need to have a great trout season. There is gear that helps you catch more fish and be more organized. There is also gear that helps you release trout back into the water safely and efficiently. It is our duty as trout fisherman on the Kenai River (and all other waters) to treat these trout with respect and to care for them properly. [Read Full Post....]
Students from a number of Bristol Bay communities this week learned how to tie a coho-catching fly, cast a fly rod into the wind, and prepare a detailed list of supplies to bring for a day on the water with a client. Tomorrow, their new skills will be put to the test. [Read Full Post....]
In the February 2014 issue of the Fish Alaska stillwater column I wrote that in general it’s not the fly that produces consistent success in lakes. This holds true for most of the season, as trout in southcentral Alaska’s lakes are generally opportunistic feeders. However, there is a short period of time each spring when sometimes it is the fly... [Read Full Post....]