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Best Alaska Fishing Guides by Region

When it comes to choosing the best Alaska fishing guide or service, you can trust that Fish Alaska’s preferred guides & charters are expert-approved and able to make your Alaska fishing trip a success.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1538595884536{margin-bottom: -15px !important;}”]


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Dave Fish Alaska


Located in Talkeetna, they offer custom overnight fish and float trips for those who want to experience Alaska’s river fishing at its best. Their day trips cover several miles of many local streams. Their guides are experienced in both fly & conventional fishing, so let them know your preference and they will take care of you. Fly-fishing lessons are available for the beginner or novice fly fisher.

    Highway 3 Angler


    Highway 3 Angler LLC is a fly fishing guide service operating in the Susitna Valley. They offer full-day fly fishing float trips, half-day walk and wade fly fishing trips on their home waters on the east side of the Susitna River. Target species include rainbow trout, grayling, coho salmon, chum salmon, and pink salmon.

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      Whittier Marine Charters


      With active charter history in the area since 1997, we have more than twice the experience of most competitors. With Whittier Marine Charters you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of serious fishermen with the reputation and over a decade’s worth of satisfied customers to prove it.

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        Frigate Adventure Travel


        Kate & Justin are fishing guides in Alaska, Oregon, and Southern Baja. They love fishing, hunting, and their yellow lab, Kada. Their travels have taken them around the world, and utilizing those experiences they work to provide the best guided trips, travel planning, and logistics possible. Join them on one of their adventures and see why they’re such a great team.

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          Big Dan’s Fishing Charters


          Big Dan’s Fishing Charters offers salt water fishing for halibut, salmon, rockfish, and lingcod. They have an excellent reputation and customer return rates are high. They offer full day halibut/salmon charters and also long-range halibut/salmon/rockfish charters.

            North Country Charters 


            This is a local family-owned operation with 38 years of experience fishing in the waters of Lower Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. North Country Charters is more than qualified to offer you a quality halibut fishing or salmon fishing trip.

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              Alaskan Fishing Adventures


              It’s the Kenai Peninsula where anglers go when seeking trophy-class fishing for salmon and halibut. More kings over 70 lbs. have been landed there than in all other parts of Alaska combined! Experienced, professional guides and world-class Alaska fishing that will literally take your breath away await you.

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                SOUTHEAST REGION

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                Alaska Premier Charters


                Guided fishing with Alaska Premier Charters is an awesome angling experience! Whether you’re a novice or extreme angler, you’ll appreciate their great guiding staff, top-quality sport-fishing gear and boats, and incredible sport-fishing action.

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