Best Fishing Gear

Testing new products is a passion for Fish Alaska staff. After 23 years of publishing an annual gear review, we can say with certainty that angling techniques have become more refined and effective, and startlingly so compared to two decades ago. Advancements in materials and manufacturing have enhanced the ability of savvy rod designers to create customized actions matched to precise presentations. Rods can be found for backbouncing, boondogging, side drifting, free drifting, 360 trolling, backtrolling, twitching, forward trolling, hover fishing…The days are long gone where a few rods have to do it all. Start thinking about the quantum leap we’ve seen in line technology over the last 30 years, the amazing array of tackle on the market, laser-sharp hooks, scents to match any bait, sophisticated electronics; it’s a wonderful time to be an angler.

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed creating it, and that you find items in the following pages that make your future angling experiences more enjoyable and productive.

The Best Fishing Gear for Alaska

In order to have the right fishing gear, you must take into account the fishing conditions and target species. These details combined with quality materials and thoughtful design produce gear that will improve your effectiveness as an angler and keep you comfortable in the elements.

In this years Editors’ Choice Awards you will see high quality products from many familiar outdoor brands like Columbia, Patagonia and Spyderco. We have also feature local Alaska companies and other brands with some of the best fishing gear products we’ve tested. Enjoy the highlights from the familiar brands and discover something new.