Fish Alaska Creators

Fish Alaska magazine is a full color, glossy publication produced ten times a year offering a variety of how-to articles, regional features, trip-planning advice, gear reviews, recipes, entertaining stories, and in-depth Alaska fishing information. The magazine is owned by an Alaskan brother and sister team and has been published for more than 18 years. The success of our magazine can be attributed to many things including the popularity of Alaska and its reputation for being the premier angling destination in the world. We are supported by a core group of long-term staff and feel incredibly fortunate to produce a quality product with talented professionals we respect and admire. Covering all aspects of Alaska sport fishing from where to fish and what to use as well as all types of angling techniques, Fish Alaska is produced in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August/September, October/November, and December. We also make Hunt Alaska magazine.

Fish Alaska Readers

Fish Alaska readers range from the most diehard fishing enthusiasts to the men and women who love being in the outdoors in Alaska and fish casually. They are both residents and non-residents and the magazine itself offers insight to both locals and tourists in every issue. Families share the publication and the interest in fishing. Even those who do not fish appreciate the photography, recipes, and insight into the state which makes the magazine appealing. Fishing is mainstream in Alaska, as is Fish Alaska magazine. For the best look at our audience check out the Fishing for a Compliment department in each magazine featuring photos from loyal readers.

Fish Alaska attracts anglers from all around Alaska, every state, and internationally. For those living in Alaska with easy access to premier fishing destinations, the magazine provides the knowledge an angler needs to truly experience fishing in this great state, providing detail and how-to’s on everything from finding the migratory lanes of fish to tying flies for Alaska’s fish to recommended gear, charters and guides, DIY trips and boats. For many with the intention to travel, Alaska is on their list of must-go destinations and the magazine is used as a resource for trip planning, gear tips, and fishing hot spots.

We’ve gone to great lengths to better understand our readers and potential readers to give them a product they will love, and it works. Readers of the magazine get hooked from many angles whether it be picking up a copy in a hotel or lodge during a visit, a referral from a fishing guide, exposure in the seatback pocket of our local airlines or waiting rooms statewide, buying the magazine in the store, or eagerly awaiting their subscription in the mail.

Comments From Fish Alaska Readers

“I’ve been a subscriber for a long time and I really enjoy your magazine. I’m coming to Alaska next summer and I have a couple days to fish in the Cooper Center area. I would like to fish with a guide on the Klutina and Tonsina Rivers. Do you have any recommendations for guides and/or accommodations for this area? I’ve done some research online at this point but I’m not ready to talk to anyone about final details. Any information you could forward me would be much appreciated.” —Gary Bisel

“Just wanted to pass on my appreciation and happiness in your July 2017 Fish Alaska. I’m a resident fly angler and this edition must have been written especially for me. I fold page corners to flag stories for future reference. The July magazine looks beat up already and I’m just getting started. Well done!” —Jolynne Howard

“My dad introduced me to fishing when I was just big enough to hold a rod. He taught me how to read the water and where fish lay. I still remember the first time we went salmon fishing in the ocean. I landed the first fish of the day and he had such a big grin on his face. That grin returned in Alaska. I was just at my parents’ house with family here for the holidays. Everyone wanting to hear the stories of the Alaska fishing trip. He couldn’t tell a story without a big smile. I can’t say much, I am my father’s son, I’m smiling too. With a big smile, I handed my brother-in-law the Fish Alaska Magazine with my father and me on the cover. My mom chimed in with every page number that you can find a picture of us. After most of the stories were told, dad said when he gets frustrated or is having a bad day he thinks about fishing in Alaska and can’t help but smile. Words can’t describe what that means to me! Truly a trip of a lifetime. Reading the article of the trip was like living it again. I love how Fish Alaska Magazine does not just apply to fishing in Alaska. I have found many tricks and techniques to use in the waters I fish here at home in California. Alaska is a special place. To take my dad on a dream trip like this will be forever etched into my mind.” —Eric Ward

“Thank you so much for your helpful response and trip planning ideas. It makes me value my subscription to your publication that much more. This will be an expensive adventure, we are shopping for a class-A diesel motorhome. I am a married man so I must get it RIGHT so the boss (32yrs} will want to go back again!” —Jimmy Parrish

“I have been a subscriber since the beginning and have loved every issue. What’s great is that you improve with each issue. I have been north seven times now and reading your articles brings back the fondest memories, thanks. Thanks again for a wonderful magazine. It takes me back where I belong.” Fisheye

“Professionally written leaving anyone that reads it with a taste of adventure and great fishing that can be enjoyed by not only the local avid fisherman, but also the entire family.” Steve Powers

“As an avid reader of fishing magazines, I often pick up a copy of Fish Alaska magazine. I am continually impressed with your publication. Thanks for making a great publication.” Merri Darland

“My friends from New Mexico are receiving the magazine and are ready to book a few trips after your most recent issues. They are impressed as I am with your work. Keep up the great work.” Pastor Fred Voss

“My name is Charles and I subscribe to your wonderful magazine. My friend and I just renewed our subscription for two years. We go to Alaska every July for nine days and enjoy every minute of those nine days.” Charles Alverez