Ruger Kodiak Backpacker Ruger.jpg
Retail Price: $895
This VF Grace exclusive was designed for Alaska outdoorsmen as your go-to .44 caliber bear protection gun and features a Custom Round Butt Grip, 2.75-inch barrel and adjustable rear sight and weighs only 43.3 ounces.

Black Hills Ammunition .338 Lapua 250-grain Nosler AccuBondBlack_Hills_338_Lapua_250gr_AccuBond_2.jpg
Retail Price: $124 for a box of 20

For those looking to combine a fall angling expedition with your big-game hunt, you’ll want to check out the new-for-2015 line from Black Hills Ammunition, which includes the introduction of a .338 load utilizing the 250-grain Nosler AccuBond bullet. With a velocity of 2,850 fps, a muzzle energy of over 4,500 foot-pounds, and the attention to detail you have come to expect from Black Hills, a true big-game load is now available for your .338 Lapua.