This year’s Permanent Fund Dividend is a whopping $1,884, only a couple hundred dollars short of the all-time record. For those from Outside perhaps unaware of the payout, basically, each Alaskan who has lived in the state and has been present in Alaska from January 2013 through December 2013 and properly filed for the dividend received a huge pile of cash this October. The funds are the profits from investments made from our state’s share of oil earnings and it is as unique to the Great Land as the Iditarod. Below are some of the things our fishing-obsessed staff wants to buy with their enormous earnings.

Rick Birch wants to get a Packraft 49. He recently used our test model on a successful bison hunt and was so impressed he’d like to have one to use one on his regular fishing and hunting adventures.

George Krumm wants to put money down on a repeat trip to the Wulik River. This epic trip has been on George’s bucket list and he experienced it in all its glory this past August and is working to plan a trip back there next year.

Alexis McCarty wants to book another day of trout fishing with Alaska Drift Away Fishing on the Kenai River. She had the opportunity to fish with Nick on a staff trip last month and then again the following weekend with friends. She is hooked on trout fishing with some of the best guides in southcentral Alaska.

Marcus Weiner will have quite a few dollars left over since he wants to buy a Smokehouse Big Chief Front Load Smoker to smoke all the sockeye salmon he regularly lands in July on the Kenai.

Wayne Norris would love to have an Arctic Oven 10 with Vestibule from Alaska Tent & Tarp. This awesome four-season tent has the option of putting a stove inside for use in the coldest temperatures.

These are just five items our staff rattled off that they would like to buy with their dividend this year. We could think of a lot more cool gear and experiences, and that combined with the bonus check we get from living in this great state are just some of the reasons that living in Alaska is the best.