Alaska Fly Fishing Tips

Expert tips on fly fishing in Alaska for salmon and rainbow trout as well as tying flies for Alaska, choosing fly gear, how-to catch and release fish safely, float trip know-how, fly fishing technique and more


Fly Fishing

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Maybe it’s the nickname “dog” salmon, purportedly because natives felt chum salmon were not as tasty as the other species and just tossed the carcass to their sled dogs that put chum salmon low on the commercial market scale. But now anglers are finding that chum can be a terrific fighter on the end of a fishing line. [Read Full Post....]
There’s no question that pound-for-pound Kenai rainbows, and ’bows in general, are one of the top contenders in the fight circuit, but how do these fish fair during the measuring, photo shoot and release? [Read Full Post....]
One of the coolest things about rainbow trout fishing in Alaska is the opportunity to catch fish on many different flies and beads. The diverse bio-system that Alaska’s rivers have to offer includes flies, larva, smolt, eggs, salmon flesh and even the occasional mouse. As fishermen it is our job to “match the hatch” and find the right fly or bead for the day. [Read Full Post....]