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E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. has over 30 years experience in providing a “better way to anchor.” Founded in 1990 by a George L. Towns, a Navy veteran who wanted an anchoring alternative to circumvent the pitfalls of the more traditional windlass system, the company has since grown from being an inventive side-hustle to a full-blown, Florida business with global reach! The company incorporates several drum anchor winch models that set the standard for anchoring, from lakes and shallow saltwater coasts, all the way to deep-sea destinations. Even though the “Classic” series has evolved over time, our mission to supply the best quality winches at an affordable cost remains the same.

So, why an E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winch? When you’re in “Alaska Tough” waters, you need an Alaska Tough anchoring solution. The Rebel series is the ideal unit for deep-sea fishing and boating. First, our quality winches are manufactured completely out of 316 stainless steel, and our patented, stainless steel motor is IP68-rated waterproof submersible which prevents condensation that would otherwise destroy your unit.

Better yet, the Rebel EZ-4, EZ-5 and EZ-6 is set apart from the competition as a true free-fall unit: unlike the direct drive, “power up, power down” transmissions of our Hero and Patriot series, the Rebel series has a clutch and friction plate design that allows the drum to free-spool when the clutch plate is dis-engaged. All you need to do is press the “power down” button for a quick, 2-second push, then step back and watch gravity do the rest! If you’re not at the helm to operate the rocker switch, customers can now order a wireless remote control to drop anchor from anywhere on their vessel. 

Furthermore, our drum anchor winches eliminate the need to tie off to a cleat, provides a spool that neatly stores your rode and chain, and allows you to choose and change the diameter of your rode from ¼” dyneema to ¾” nylon! To add even more power to your unit, the Rebel EZ-5 and EZ-6 has an optional 24 volt motor option customers can purchase and swap-out for the standard 12-volt motors.

In conclusion, ordering an E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winch puts an end to jams, tangled lines and wasted time. View our collection online or call today at 1.800.800.1640.