Best Fish Processing Gear for Anglers in Alaska

Foam Insulated Fish BoxesColdFold_FoamBox.jpg
We like these boxes for transporting fish and game, and the 65-pound capacity model (AS2) and 25-pound capacity model (FB5) are airline-approved and well-designed to keep products frozen for up to three days. The foam box provides the best insulation possible. These boxes are a great option for shipping fish to family and friends out of state as well as taking home fish on your visit to Alaska. You can find them at retail stores all over Alaska.

FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Vacuum SealerFoodsaver-GamesaverBig-Game.jpg
We packed about 100 pounds of fish and 50 pounds of game with the sealer this year. The sealer performed flawlessly, didn’t overheat and continued to make good seals after constant use for four hours at a time. To extend the longevity of your vacuum-packed items, consider wrapping them first in plastic wrap and then sealing.