Fish Upper and Lower Lake Creek

by Dave Doucet and Alan Powers

This clear-water gem offers a cornucopia of freshwater fishing for the spirited adventurer.

Draining some 60-plus miles from its headwaters at Chelatna Lake near the base of the Alaska Range to its confluence with the silty Yentna River, Lake Creek is one of southcentral Alaska’s most famous streams. Anglers target this prolific producer in any number of ways, either on their own, on a guided float trip, or from one of the many lodges that dot the creek’s lower stretches. In the following, two Fish Alaska writers, Dave Doucet and Alan Powers, bring Lake Creek to life. Doucet, an experienced wilderness fishing guide, covers the float-trip perspective, while Powers documents his experiences in fishing from Northwoods Lodge near the stream’s southern terminus. This content is available for subscribers only.

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