Food and storage go hand-in-hand when fishing Alaska’s backcountry. Here are our current favorite food and storage items for camping and fishing in Alaska.

Daiwa Tackle Barn
This new tackle bag offers a clever design. Its gullwing doors give the bag a barn-like shape, which is different than most square or rectangular bags. This design allows anglers to quickly and efficiently find and remove the appropriate tackle utility box. It features a waterproof base, four Daiwa 370 boxes and four Daiwa 360 boxes (also has room for another four of either size box), a built-in retractable leader-spool wheel, sunglasses holder, beverage holder, tool and cell phone pouches, as well as an easy-to-open and close, hook-and-loop attachment system. Additionally, the innovative bag includes a retractable storm cover, topside handle and removable shoulder strap.
LEM Mighty Bite Electric Smoker
This electric smoker boasts 5,752 cubic inches of cooking space, providing lots of room to smoke the fish and game you harvested this year. One of the recent design enhancements is an improved seal which goes all the way around the door edges. This is important in Alaska, where we need the heat to stay in the unit since it’s most likely not too warm outside when we are smoking fish and game. It features three removable, 14” x 14” racks, two top-mounted crossbars, a wood chip pan with a slotted lid, a removable drip pan and five S-hooks. The smoker incorporates a variable temperature dial that allows the smoker to reach 300ºF, which gives the smoker added versatility to act as a barbecue or oven. Other notable features include side handles, 6-inch legs, a 1450-watt burner and 3-foot power cord.
Smokehouse Drying/Grilling Screens
These screens are a real game changer. They are nonstick, which provides a huge advantage to just laying fish or game on smoker racks, where these foodstuffs are more likely to stick. It’s made our cleanup process go a lot faster after smoking a load of fish in the Big Chief smoker. They are safe to 550ºF, are dishwasher safe, and can be used in smokers, grills and dehydrators. Big Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10” x 16” and come five in a pack while Little Chief Drying/Grilling Screens are 10” x 10” and come four to a pack.
SKB Cases iSeries Deep Lure Case
This newest iSeries Lure Case size is deeper to accommodate lures up to 10” long. It measures 16” x 10” x 10” and features 32 adjustable compartments with a corrosion inhibitor, as well as a perforated bottom to provide drainage that further protects valuable lures from rust damage. The case itself is built to military specifications, made in the USA, and comes standard with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

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