Alaska Halibut Atlas

Where to Fish for Halibut: An Alaska Atlas

By Troy Letherman

Finding where to fish for halibut in Alaska is a fairly straightforward business. They’re generally found in strong numbers and while migratory, in established locations; they’re voracious predators and famously indiscriminate when it comes to the menu. In other words, they mostly eat whatever lands in front of them.
To fish successfully for Alaska’s most popular salwater targets, find the right structure, time the tide correctly and then get your bait to the bottom. Or, if you’re like most anglers who prefer to view Alaska’s coastline from the deck of a boat, leave the guile to the captain. He (or increasingly, she) has the charts, the 3-dimensional maps, the coordinates set and the bait cut. Just follow instructions – they’ll be simple enough. This content is available for subscribers only.

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