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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Gear

Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Ice Gel ProCureMrIceholeIceGelFeatImg.jpg
Mr. Icehole Ice Gel is made from real whole bait, then supercharged with powerful amino acids that trigger fish to feed. Then it’s UV-enhanced for extra appeal. The special formula won’t freeze-up, so it’s usable at all temperatures. Ice Gel is super sticky so it sticks to jigs, spoons, soft plastics and dead- and live bait. It’s available in two-ounce squeeze bottles.

Berkley Lightning Rod Ice ComboBerkleyLighningRodIceCombo_FeatImg.jpg
The combo is available in three rod lengths: 24-, 28- or 32 inches and in rod power including ultra light (24-inch), medium light (28-inch), medium (28-inch) and medium heavy (32-inch). Rods are paired with a 20 size spinning reel spooled with Trilene Micro Ice line. Combos feature HT foregrips, skeleton reel seats, SS304 guides and a ported aluminum spool on the reel.

St Croix Mojo ICE StCroixMojoIce.png
The Mojo ICE family includes 10 models—both spinning and casting—built for the unique properties necessary for targeting such species as trout and northern pike. Rods include a split-grip handle that makes the overall rod lighter and also increases strike detection as the angler’s hand makes contact with the rod blank. It’s also comfortable in the hand. Mojo ICE’s twist-grip locking mechanism promotes secure lock-down on the reel foot. Likewise, the reel stays clenched tightly and will not work its way loose. All Mojo ICE models feature precision-tapered solid carbon blanks, boasting equal amounts of strength and sensitivity. The blanks are fashioned through a fusion of St. Croix’s proprietary design software and classic American handcrafting. 

HT Enterprises Laker Pro Ice Rods HT.jpg
If you’re a bona-fide winter lake trout aficionado looking for some commanding ice rods capable of subduing even the heaviest of these deep-water brutes, HT has your solution! Featuring sturdy graphite composite blanks with moderately fast tapers, each Laker Pro ice rod has been engineered to provide superior strength for solid hook-setting and fish-fighting power, brilliantly combined with just the right balance of sensitivity to maintain exceptional presentational control while simultaneously providing an extraordinary sense of feel. Oversized aluminum oxide guides help resist ice-up when retrieving line from even the greatest depths, and a comfortable, elongated EVA handle with fixed reel seat provides not only a comfortable grip, but contributes significant leverage that reduces fatigue when fishing heavier baits in deep water over prolonged periods. Available in four models: 32-inch Medium-Light; 38-inch Medium-Heavy; 44-inch Medium-Heavy and 45-inch Heavy.

Eagle Claw Shappell Wide House 6500 Ice ShelterEagleClaw.png
Eagle Claw Shappell is bringing anglers one of the best and biggest hubs on the ice this season. With 56 square-feet of fishable space and standing 80 inches tall in the inside center, the unit offers 65% more fishable area than comparable hub-style shelters, making this the shelter anglers will want on the ice with them all season long. The four-person hub-style shelter features two patented easy-entry zippered oval doors. The unique oval-shaped door contains no odd angles or jagged corners, allowing the doors to zip easily and quickly. These doors are unique to Shappell. This shelter also features completely removable and replaceable windows—anglers can remove the plastic window covering for added ventilation or have them replaced in the event of a tear. The Wide House 6500 shelter comes with a total of six removable windows with shades. This heavy-duty hub shelter pops up and is ready to go in no time so anglers can get down to fishing fast and can be attached to the ice directly through the reinforced corner anchor points with included ice anchors and tie-downs.

Frabill Pro Series Bro SideStep ShelterFrabill.png
Frabill offers a wide range of quality ice-fishing equipment, including 15 different flip-over shelter models, and the company is at the forefront of modern ice shelter engineering and design. New for the 2016/2017 ice-fishing season, Frabill’s Model 2255 Pro Series Bro SideStep Shelter features SideStep Entry, full-quilted insulation, swivel boat-style seating and a custom arctic camo exterior. The SideStep design has other key benefits, such as allowing for a vertical front wall, which effectively maximizes the Bro SideStep’s 20 square-feet of fishable space. Anglers can fish with longer rods if they choose and have more space for hole placement and gear storage.

Frabill Fishouflage Ambush
MSRP: Ambush Outpost – $239.99 Ambush Headquarters – $349.99
Frabill has many new items slated for release during the upcoming ice-fishing season. Among them is the Fishouflage Ambush, which showcases Frabill’s SideStep doorway system. This smart innovation allows anglers to enter and exit through both sides of the shelter, eliminating the usual problems encountered when entering the front of the shelter and stumbling over the heater and electronics and kicking slush into the ice holes. The Ambush Outpost is a two-man shelter, while the roomy Headquarters can accommodate up to six anglers.

Polar Fire Deluxe Insulated Thermal Hub Style Shelter
MSRP: $399.99 for 4-person model; $299.99 for 2-person modelPolarFire.jpg
Polar Fire hub shelters are completely self-contained with no loose parts and come complete in a shoulder-strap carry bag. Pull the reinforced hubs into position to allow the fiberglass rod frame to snap into place, and anchor the base down with the super grip ice anchors that are included. In extra-strong winds, add the support ropes that attach to each hub, then anchor down solidly. Polar TX material is designed for maximum heat retention and minimal condensation, even when fishing in extreme cold and operating portable heaters inside, and the material is darkened to allow sight-fishing. The shelter also features two convenient access doors and removable windows, and comes in a 2-person model that weighs 28 pounds and measures 60 x 60 x 67 inches or a 4-person model that weighs 38 pounds and measures 90 x 87 x 81 inches.

Eskimo FlipMo 2 Inferno Flip-Style Shelter15450.jpg
MSRP: $699.99
The FlipMo 2 Inferno is a fully-insulated, two-man flip-style shelter that features two swivel Versa Seats, oversized aluminum poles with Eskimo’s Quick Release System, and IQ insulated fabric that is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated shelter. The shelter is mounted on a durable, oversized tub, giving anglers plenty of room for storage. Additional features include three built-in tables, large, under-seat gear nets, and mesh storage pockets.

HT Enterprises Polar Pop-Up Magnum Magnetic Tip-Up
MSRP: $24.99
HT’s Magnum Polar Pop-Up is a truly revolutionary tip-up design where the trip is controlled through magnetic tension between the signal indicator and the spool.  Since this magnetic trip isn’t subject to freezing, it functions in all conditions. You can increase or decrease trip tension strength by simply adjusting the spool position, thereby moving the magnets closer together or farther apart. In addition, the flag signal is protected within the tubular body, eliminating wind trips. The unit features a huge capacity, 1,500-foot spool that is vertically oriented, so it performs beautifully when fishing hard-running trout or pike in deep water, plus allows the user to pick up line fast. Also included is a hook-keeper to eliminate tangles, and a sheath that covers the hole, helping prevent freeze-up while blocking out light and blowing snow.

Frabill 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos
MSRP: $49.99Frabill_STRAIGHT_LINE_261.jpg
New for this ice-fishing season, Frabill addressed the needs of anglers targeting large fish at depth. The 261 Straight Line Bro Series Combos were designed with a fast 2.6:1 retrieve and smooth drag system. Six combos are part of the series: 24-, 30- and 36-inch combos in ultra-light action for the 24 and light action for the 30 and 36. All three lengths also come in a Quick Tip model.

HT_polar_thunder_tipup.jpgHT Enterprises Polar Thunder Tip-Up
MSRP: $19.99
HT’s Polar Thunder Tip-Up features the ultra-smooth Polar family guaranteed against freeze-up inner mechanism, large capacity 500-foot spool with handle and multiple setting glow-in-the-dark trip shaft, all set within a durable, compact and easy-to-transport V-shaped frame. Best of all, the fully adjustable tube mechanism allows you to increase or decrease trip tension by simply raising or lowering the trip shaft. Additionally, the unit offers an ingenious industry first: An adjustable flag wire mechanism that tilts at the base, allowing the user to fine-tune trip tension by simply modifying the angle of the flag wire against the trip shaft.

Frabill FXE SnoSuit Jacket and Bib
MSRP: $329.99 each for Jacket and Bib
The SnoSuit jacket and bib come highly-endorsed by Fish Alaska magazine editors. We’ve worn this technical combo for many years and find ourselves comfortable, even hot, in the coldest conditions. The jacket and bib are wind- and waterproof, extremely well-insulated, functional and full of exceptional features like double-stitched fully-sealed seams, fleece-lined oversized hand-warmer pockets, reinforced elbows, knees and pant cuffs, fully-adjustable gusseted sleeve cuffs and dual zipper vents to regulate temperature.

Mr. Heater Big BuddyBigBuddy.jpg
MSRP: $129.99
Whether you need to generate some much needed warmth indoors or out, the Big Buddy from Mr. Heater is definitely the way to go. Connecting directly to two one-pound disposable cylinders, or to a single 20-pound cylinder, the unit will heat up to 400 square feet of space, making it an exceptional companion for your late winter excursions onto the ice—whether you utilize an ice house or not. The automatic low-oxygen shutoff system and accidental tip-over safety shutoff help make it extremely safe and functional as well.

AugerTow.jpgAuger Tow
MSRP: $200

Auger Tow is a high-tech carrier system for your ice auger manufactured in Big Lake, Alaska. The Auger Tow Carrier fits most snowmachines and four-wheelers. It makes transporting your auger to your favorite ice fishing lake a safe and trouble-free proposition. The Auger Tow Carrier fits Jiffy, Eskimo, and Strikemaster augers. If you have a custom auger, they can also make you a carrier system to meet your needs. The Carrier travels behind your snowmachine or four-wheeler for easy navigation from narrow trails to high speed travel over longer distances, and does so smoothly and with ease. Weighing only 15 pounds, the Carrier frees up space allowing you to transport more gear on your machine

HT Enterprises Polar Fire Power Ice Auger 5210polar_fire_auger.jpg
MSRP:  $349.99

The 5210 features a commanding 52 cc, two-cycle power head that fires quickly, runs smoothly and warms to full-speed operation in seconds, then operates quietly with unsurpassed reliability while delivering outstanding stability and powerful torque. The reliable, fast cutting power auger produces 10-inch holes, which are necessary when battling big fish through the ice. This Polar Fire auger is built to last, using rugged, cast aluminum gear housing and solid all-steel flighting.  Add an ergonomic, comfort-grip foam handle, and it’s easy to see these machines were built by serious ice anglers.

AK Salmon Bear The AK Fish TrapAlaskaFishTrap.jpg
MSRP: $49.99
Designed and assembled in Alaska, this system automatically sets the hook when a fish takes the bait. You incorporate your rod and reel into the AK Fish Trap Base, and you have an advanced, multi-use tip-up system. The new and improved design boasts a 90% lip-hook rate resulting in a much higher fish survival rate. It comes with your choice of red, orange or yellow rod holder, is virtually indestructible, is made from recycled polyethylene to handle extremely cold temperatures and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Frabill Citadel Series Ice SheltersFrabill.jpg
MSRP: $599.99 to $699.99
The new Citadel Series of sled-based, flip-over, ice fishing shelters includes three models that are optimal for groups who travel by snowmachine or ATV and appreciate their towing and storage capabilities as well as the ability to make frequent moves to stay on top of the fish. Available in two non-insulated models and one fully insulated model, the Citadel is one massive shack, offering over 75 inches of headroom and 28.5 square feet of fishable space. Citadel ice shelters incorporate Frabill’s SideStep entry, a smart design that simplifies in-and-out access through zippered doors on each side of the shelter and reduces the risk of stepping on gear or into fishing holes.This design is what allows for a vertical front wall, unlike the angular nose on conventional shelters. The net result is a massive increase in fishable, hook-setting space. Frabill Citadel shelters are also equipped with the company’s patented Modular Seating System, which accepts a variety of seating options. The fully insulated model 3255 comes standard with a pair of Frabill Boat Seats, with room for a third, while non-insulated models are available with either boat seats (model 3205) or Combo-Case Bench (model 3405).

Eagle Claw Shappell FX200 Ice ShelterShappell.jpg
MSRP: $359.99

This new, high-quality, two-person flip shelter from Eagle Claw Shappell has been designed with a solid one-piece instant-flip frame, making it quick and easy to setup. It features a comfortable sliding bench seat contained within a wide-body sled, which gives anglers the ability to fish with their feet on the ice by moving the bench closer to the edge of the sled or to rest their feet inside the sled for added protection against the cold by simply pushing the seat back. The shelter also boasts a rear access point to easily grab gear from the sled while outside the shelter and an easy-entry, wide-front zippered door. Provides 18 square feet of fishable space and weighs 72 pounds.

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