A Guide to Interior Alaska

by Amy Armstrong

Often relegated to the status of red-haired stepchild of Alaska sport fishing, interior Alaska actually offers a bounty of species for an angler wishing to diversify his or her fishing experience. You won’t haul in a monster halibut and most fishing trips into the Interior are not freezer-filling adventures, but trophy-sized northern pike and world-class grayling inhabit many of the area’s drainages. According to area guides, these fish put up enough fight to satisfy any angling ego. And the sheefish, a member of the whitefish family, is found in plentiful numbers in the northern rivers where they dance across the water’s top edge once hooked.

Interior Alaska is an expansive place. According to the boundary definition used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for management purposes, interior Alaska is 526,000 square miles. Yep, it’s bigger than Texas. This content is available for subscribers only.

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