New Fishing Line and Tackle for Fishing in Alaska in 2016

Eagle Claw TroKar TK11 Pro-V Bend Octopus Hook
Offering aggressive Pro-V Bend angles, a crevasse integrated into the shank for pinning hooked fish, a surgically-sharpened point and manufactured from high-quality Q47 carbon steel, the TroKar TK11 is an impressive line of hooks. Complete with a welded eye to prevent scoring and chaffing of fishing line, the TK11 is the perfect hook whether fishing for halibut or side-drifting for salmon.

Eagle Claw Trokar TK619
One of the most impressive hooks to come out of the Eagle Claw TroKar manufacturing plant since debuting surgically-sharpened technology, the TK619 line of hooks is aimed at anglers looking for a beefier, more robust circle hook to use with their heaviest gear. Available in medium wire or heavy wire, the TK619 offers the stopping power and backbone to haul in the strongest halibut and other gamefish.


Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Skirt Spinners
Kodiak Custom Skirt Spinners experienced an extreme makeover in 2016, three sizes (4, 5 and 6) are available in 15 vibrant new color finishes and a choice of treble or single hooks. This perfectly balanced, versatile spinner will master heavy cover or open water with lively features, extra buoyancy and slow retrieval capabilities. Casting, trolling or drift-fishing are all effective presentations for catching Alaska’s salmon,
pike, sheefish and steelhead on Kodiak Custom Skirt Spinners.

Silver Horde Herring Aide Finishes
Combining the powerful fish-attracting illumination of UV with the brightness of Double Glow, the Herring Aide finishes from Silver Horde reproduces a baitfish image on a lure. The finish is now available in the Coho Killer and Kingfisher Lite lures.

Yakima Bait Co. Mag Lip 2.5
New to the line of Mag Lip diving plugs, Yakima Bait is introducing the 2.5 version for 2016. The smallest of the Mag Lips, the 2.5is just 2 ½ inches in length, yet incorporates all of the Mag Lip features including diving ability, attractive wide wiggle and the unique “skip beat” action that makes it deadly on fish. With 48 different finishes to select from there’s a complete offering of colors to match most fisheries.

Mack’s Lure Wedding Ring UV Spinner
A longtime favorite among anglers, the updated Wedding Ring UV Spinner enhances the classic presentation with quality colored limestone diamonds that create a brilliant reflection, a super-sharp red hook and hand-painted metal blades that are highly visible under UV light. 

Hot Spot Agitator Flashers
Three new color combinations are available in the Agitator Flasher series, which is already popular and effective in Alaska fisheries. Now available in a 9-inch flasher are Pink Moon Jelly, Chartreuse Moon Jelly and Red Moon Jelly. 

Ahi USA Cod Squids
The new 2-hook rock cod rigs from Ahi USA are an easy and economical way to fill the cooler with fish. The rig comes pre-tied with glow-in-the-dark squids and ready to fish. Just tie the rig on, add desired weight, drop it to the bottom and start jigging. Available in glow or pink. 

Seaguar Flippin’ Fluoro and Flippin’ Braid
Seaguar has expanded its portfolio with the launch of two new technique-specific fishing lines targeting heavy-cover applications. Flippin’ Fluoro and Flippin’ Braid are about pulling big fish out of nasty vegetation, but are also effective for quick-reaction strikes on a short line—meaning they’re ideal for most sockeye salmon applications in Alaska. 

Kalin’s Four-Inch Jerk Minnow
The new four-inch Kalin’s Jerk Minnow features a slightly split tail that delivers a swift and lifelike action to imitate the swimming and fleeing motion of common baitfish. The new smaller profile is perfect for heavily-fished waters that require a more subtle technique than the five-inch version. The Jerk Minnow is a great “catch anything” bait that is easy to fish, rig and throw.  

Salamander Sinkers
These innovative sinkers are setting a new standard for drift-sinker fishing. Snag-resistant and lead-free, the sinkers are designed with an inline single swivel and keep the bait in the strike zone without dredging the bottom.

Luhr-Jensen Krocodile Vibrant Holographic Finishes
Six new finishes leverage the Krocodile lure action with a set of stunning holographic colors, beginning with three core baitfish patterns: Black Silver Reflex, Blue Silver Reflex and Silver Reflex. Two additional finishes target detail fisheries: the Rainbow Trout finish is a necessity for trout and char anglers, while Sardine and Blue Mackerel are staples in saltwater, whether fishing structure for bottomfish, open water or estuaries for salmon.  

Storm Rattle Tot
For decades the Storm Hot N’ Tot has been a go-to lure for salmon and steelhead anglers, both as a back-trolling lure and as a diver for smaller river environments. The Rattle Tot offers the same wide-wobbling, deep-diving action of the Hot N’ Tot with the addition of a super-loud multi-ball rattle to penetrate glacial waters and any waters with limited visibility.  

Ande Braid
Anglers who already use and trust Ande Monofilament will be pleased to find this new product on the shelves in 2016, as now they can use Ande for superline applications as well. Producing very low guide noise and with the no-stretch, small-diameter characteristics of top-end braid, Ande Braid enables you to feel more bites, and feel bites quicker, than other lines. It’s also softer, which will help produce longer, smoother casts.

Panther Martin Stinky Six
Irresistibly pungent, the Panther Martin Stinky Six incorporates six Stinky Garlic Spinners in 1/8- and 1/4-ounce sizes. A garlic scented bulb at the base of the treble hook camouflages the scent of humans, and once the spinner hits the water, the garlic scent infuses the area and begins to attract fish from afar. 

Blue Fox UV-Tipped Classic Vibrax
The Classic Vibrax brings together premium materials and design to create a spinner that’s extremely successful and easy to fish. Joining the lineup now are six new finishes featuring scaled blade patterns with UV Bright tip accents. Three finishes are tipped with UV Bright chartreuse for a focus on king salmon, while two are offered in pink for silver salmon and one in blue for all-around versatility. 

Acme Super Glow Little Cleo
The new Acme Super Glow Little Cleo, produced by Hard and Soft Fishing, comes in 1/3-ounce, 2/5-ounce and 3/4-ounce sizes and is ideal for fishing deep or glacial waters. Natural daylight will “energize” the spoons but anglers can also speed up the process by shining a bright flashlight on them, or even using a light in a cell phone. Fish can see the baits for a long way and will come in ready to pulverize.

P-Line Pro-Steel Spoons
The Pro-Steel Spoon was designed with the perfect cup and edges for the ultimate action. Equipped with both a siwash- and treble hook, it can be fished right out of the package. To fish the spoon effectively, swing it through potential holding water by casting across the river, letting the spoon sink and allowing the current to pull your line downstream. Coupled with a slow retrieve, this will entice strikes. The spoon is available in 13 colors and in 1/4-, 2/5- and 2/3-ounce sizes.

TUF-Line 4ORCE & DOMIN8 Braids
The all-new 4ORCE and DOMIN8 braids from Tuf-Line are bringing value to the superline market, without sacrificing any performance. As their names imply, 4ORCE is a 4-carrier braid designed for brute strength and abrasion resistance, while DOMIN8 is an ultra-smooth 8-carrier braid that highlights exceptional handling. 

Pro-Cure Super Sauce
All 10 Super Sauce flavors are made from real fish oils and are enhanced with UV Flash for added visibility. Super Sauce is super sticky for easy application to spoons, spinners, plugs, flashers and it even sticks well on live and dead baits.

Hevi-Beads New Bead Colors
For 2016, Hevi-Beads is releasing several new colors that look awesome. Glow Roe Orange looks fantastic in the light and glows in the water. Pink Creamed Roe is a proven bead color, but it has been tweaked to be even more ultraviolet and more fishy. Milky Pink Roe is high in UV and is quickly becoming a top producer. Flash Brown is that perfect sunny day bead. The bright flash in every bead attracts fish from a distance. Try these and many of their existing beads
when targeting resident species that key on salmon spawn.

Mepps Aglia-e
The new Mepps Aglia-e combines the proven fish-catching ability of the Mepps Aglia with the look and feel of a salmon egg. The uniquely designed blade pattern presents the illusion of a full spawn sack when the blade is in motion, while the durable lifelike egg on the hook attracts strikes. This is a must-have for Alaska anglers.