New fishing gear is one of the exciting parts of getting ready for an upcoming fishing season. After waiting all winter, it’s finally time to start getting ready. The May 2023 Gear Bag covers some of our favorite products to add to your fishing gear set up.

new fishing gearFisheWear Unbound Brown Collection

The newest eye-popping pattern to FisheWear’s kaleidoscope fish-themed patterns, the Unbound Brown collection consists of such items as the Trucker Hat, Signature Leggings, Neck Tube, Sticker, Wading Belt, Jersey Headband, Abstract Trucker Hat, Poly Box, Roll Tote Dry Bag, Forceps, Canvas Tote and Key Fob.

new fishing gearPro-Cure Bait Scents Butt Juice

Butt Juice has been a staple in the Pro-Cure line of scents for a long time, and is the best scent you can use to draw more halibut to your gear. Whether using bait or artificial lures, Pro-Cure has you covered with both Butt Juice Bait Oil and Butt Juice Super Gel. Marinate your herring or other bait in the bait oil to help establish a heavy scent trail drawing big ‘buts to your bait. Use the super gel on lures such as metal jigs or lead-head jigs to generate more-aggressive bites. Without question, this formula will put more halibut and bottomfish in your boat.

Alaskan Custom Flies

After decades of fishing and tying flies in Alaska, Shane Woodworth has started Alaskan Custom Flies.  His passion for flyfishing and his years of experimenting to find the most productive patterns is evident in his selection of quality flies.

Scent Striker Vortaks Trolling System

The product developers at Scent Striker have been hard at work over the last several years developing a complete system to help you catch more salmon while trolling. First, they launched the Scent Striker, a device which allowed you to localize scent near your lure. Next, they developed their own brand of scent. Most recently, they’ve brought the Vortaks rotating lure head to market. This potent product trifecta might help you put more salmon in the box. Both the Vortaks and Scent Striker come in a range of colors. Add your favorite skirt and hook rigging and you are ready to troll.

Eagle Claw Jet Cart

Are you tired of struggling to haul heavy gear through rugged outdoor terrain? Introducing the Jet Sled Wheel Cart—an excellent solution for your outdoor hauling needs. With a durable steel frame and 16-inch wheels, the Jet Cart instantly transforms your standard Jet Sled into a powerful two-wheeled utility cart that can handle heavy loads of up to 250 pounds. Whether you’re carrying hunting equipment, firewood, or the day’s catch, the Jet Cart can easily conquer even the most challenging terrain. The Jet Cart’s adjustable frame fits most Jet Sled sizes, making it the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts. The Jet Sled is sold separately.

new fishing gearDardevle by Eppinger Grayling Spoons

Dardevle by Eppinger has the ultralight angler covered with quality spoons for Alaska’s frisky grayling. They offer three sizes that are perfect for plucking grayling from Alaska’s purling waters. The 1/16-ounce Skeeter, the 1/8-ounce Little Devle, and the 3/16-ounce Midget all get the job done. You can count on their American-made quality. These spoons also work great for stocked trout in Alaska lakes, both through the ice and during the open-water season.

Santiam Fishing Rods – Surf Rod Series

There are many surf rods you can use for saltwater fishing, but few are multi-piece models ranging from 9- to 12 feet in length and are intended for travel. Santiam produces what we see as tough surf rods with great casting capabilities. Their surf rods are designed to work well with either mono or braided lines. Built with quality composite blanks, rugged X-flock grips for casting ease, durable anodized-aluminum reel seats, and aluminum-oxide guides.

new fishing gearLeelock Drift Boat Bow Roller

The Leelock Drift Boat Bow Roller is designed to fit on the bow of your drift boat to make it easy and safe to set and retrieve your bow anchor. It’s made with the patented LeeLock line-lock mechanism which eliminates accidental anchor-line release. The anchor arm can easily be removed to allow you to use a boat cover, while the bracket that holds your anchor remains in place. An optional bolt-on anchor nest is also available. The Bow Roller is made of anodized aluminum; the anodization will prevent corrosion and keep it looking and functioning great for years.

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