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Clarence Strait Summer Silvers
by Terry W. Sheely 38

Summer-run silvers are a unique early strain of coho that’s been quietly surprising Southeast anglers since 1998. These fine-eating, acrobatic silvers arrive in late June/July and if you know where to look, they’ll add a dimension to any midsummer angling outing.  

Divers & Bait Techniques for River Salmon
by JD Richey 44

The diver-and-bait rig has got it all: It’s deadly on river salmon, easy to learn, a ton of fun—and almost utterly foolproof. It is also really easy for inexperienced anglers
to master. 

Confessions of a Mooching Fisherman
by George Dennis 52

Mooching is a go-to technique for Alaska’s saltwater captains, and after becoming a mooching convert following four decades of trolling experience, George Dennis walks us through everything a saltwater angler wants to know about catching salmon in Southeast. 

Sockeye Time!
by Terry Wiest 58

Every year, hardcore Alaska anglers with the sense to know a good thing when they see it begin to salivate over the upcoming sockeye season. Well, the time is now, and the reds are in.

Fishing with Ghosts
by Andrew Cremata 66

Around Skagway, the pursuit of fish opens a doorway to Alaska’s past, and Andrew Cremata has set you to explore it all, rod in hand. Join him to explore the ruins and relics of Alaska history, and the fish often hiding nearby. 

Destination Talkeetna
by Troy Letherman 74

Meaning “river of plenty” in the Dena’ina language, Talkeetna is located at the confluence of the Susitna, Talkeetna and Chulitna rivers, and it’s an area that offers nearly unlimited wilderness adventure just minutes from town. Not only an angling hub of this fish-rich region of Alaska, the town also serves as the staging area for climbers attempting to reach the summit of Denali—read along here for all that and more.

Fishing Poppers for Coho
by Scott Haugen 86

Staying up top and fishing poppers for incoming silver salmon is one of the great thrills available to Alaska fly anglers. Here Scott Haugen walks us through the right type of coho water to look for, when, and how to deploy your popper for salmon success.

COVER / Tony Davis enjoyed a good day of catching sockeye and a gorgeous sunset. © Kristin Dunn/Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle


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