March 2006 | Annual Gear Issue


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 12

Advertiser Index 74

Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special Section

Editors’ Choice Awards 14

66 pieces of great gear that passed rigorous field-testing in Alaska by our editors and guides. This gear was the Best of the Best for 2005.


Team Trouble 

by Melissa Norris

Publisher Melissa Norris takes part in the first Women’s Division of the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby. Exceeding all expectations, Alaskan women REALLY love to fish! by Melissa Norris

Rafting Alaska 101 

by Laura Metcalfe

Preparation is half the trip—at least the half that will keep you reasonably safe. Choosing gear, and where you will go and when are all covered in this primer on rafting the sometimes wild waters of Alaska.

Best of the NEW 2006 

Here our editors choose 46 of the hottest, new, gotta-have fishing gear that will debut this spring.

Team Detail 

by Kathy Anderson

Associate publisher Kathy Anderson discovers why Sportsman’s Cove Lodge clients keep coming back year after year.

COVER / Editor Troy Letherman takes some gear out for a fly. © Matt Hage