Back in the news–always in the news–the pullout of mining giant Anglo American has me thinking of Pebble Mine again, and hoping the latest re-energizes the angling community to continue the fight to save Bristol Bay.

Red Gold: Pebble in the News

It’s been some time since I wrote at length about the Pebble project, and while I’ve made no attempt to hide my outright opposition to the proposed endeavor, believe it or not, I have tried to study the material with something approaching an objective view. It’s a lot of material, though, and not being much of a geologist, I sometimes have a difficult time navigating the science. For that I have relied on hours of interviews with a range of sources much more qualified to comment on the particulars of open-pit mining, and after factoring everything they’ve explained and reviewing notes from what I’ve read, my outlook has been formed.

But every now and then, I go way back to 2007 and the very first time I screened the remarkable Red Gold, an investigative film by Felt Soul Media, and still the singlemost impressive, objective look at the Pebble Mine project that I’ve seen. Below is the trailer; I suggest you check it out, and then go buy the DVD.