Stealthcraft PowerDrifter Sled

18’x54″ PowerDrifter Sled
The Stealthcraft PowerDrifter Sled is made to do what other boats cannot do: Row effortlessly as well as motor in wet grass. 

We offer both a 16′ and 18′ Model. Our Sleds are constructed from full Plascore/Kevlar/Glass with a 54″ bottom and 80″ at the top beam Oarlock. The extra flare out on our PowerDrifters creates a roomier interior for storage and interior maneuverability while on the water. The exterior rounded chine corners provide a no worry, non-sliding experience, unlike that of other high powered aluminum sleds on the market today. With the Plascore and life ring rail flotation, the entire boat does not need flotation blocks to hog up space for storage and seating. Each PowerDrifter is constructed with a center console and tiller.