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Tackle and Line

Tackle and line vary almost as much as the fishing variety in Alaska. Here are our current favorites to pack in the tackle box when fishing in Alaska.

Rosco EZ Clip
Rosco EZ Clips allow you to quickly change out your lures or rigs without opening a snap. Tie your line on one end, and slide your lure on to the other. It works well for topwater, jerk baits, jigs, plugs, and spinners. Five sizes are available to accommodate both your freshwater and saltwater needs, from 25-pound-test up to 175-pound-test. They are available in stainless-steel or black finish.

Rosco EZ Clip
Salamander Sinkers Gram Series
Salamander Sinkers Gram Series comes in a 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-gram options. Models are available with or without swivels on both ends. Their design makes them much more snag resistant than split shot, which makes them a good choice for both conventional and fly anglers who drift fish. They are lead free and designed to be rigged inline, or off a dropper.

Salamander Sinkers Gram Series
Luhr Jensen Cut Bait Head With Rigging
This new product includes a teaser head with oversized holographic 3D eyes, a pre-drilled hole with peg, four feet of 40-pound Suffix fluorocarbon leader and two snelled VMC 4/0 TechSet hooks. The head has been designed to impart a rolling action and can be used with a herring strip or artificial bait. Cut Bait Heads can also be purchased unrigged and come in a range of colors. We’ll troll these in 2019 and may also try mooching with them.

Blue Fox Vibrax Chaser
This new for 2019 offering from Blue Fox adds a soft-bait trailer and longer shaft to a traditional Vibrax. The resulting lure imitates a bait fish chasing the lure, and creates both visual attraction and flash. The brass gear within the bell is free-turning and emits a fish-attracting low-frequency sound, as well as greatly reducing spinner-generated line twist. The 45° mid-depth blade (choose between size 2 (3/10-ounce) or 3 (½-ounce)) runs in two- to four feet of water and comes in six color options.

Storm 360GT Jig Heads
This rattling jig head is designed to pair with the Storm 360GT body to produce a lifelike lure that looks and sounds good to predatory fish. The ⅛- and ¼-ounce heads pair with 3½-inch bodies, the ¼- and ⅜-ounce heads match up with 4½-inch bodies and the ⅜- and ½-ounce heads pair with 5½-inch bodies. The 360GT jig features a lifelike design, 3D holographic eyes, a single-ball rattle, and a VMC Coastal Black hook (2/0 (⅛- and ¼-ounce), 4/0 (¼- and ⅜-ounce) and 7/0 (⅜- and ½-ounce). They come two per pack in five color patterns: Chartreuse Ice, Gaga, Smokin’ Ghost, Smelt and Tru Blue. Think shallow-water rockfish, lingcod, coho and halibut in the salt. Or lake trout, burbot, northerns, rainbows, sheefish and char in freshwater.

Williamson Gomame Jig
In 2019, this jig now is available in a 2¾- and 3½-ounce model. Pick from seven fishy-looking color patterns in this S-shaped jig that produces an obvious wounded- baitfish action. The jig also emits flash due to the high-quality foiled finishes. It’s rigged with a VMC Permasteel treble hook. We’ll target the range of Alaska bottomfish, in addition to saltwater coho, with this jig in 2019.

Sampo Oh Snap Swivel
Never open a snap again! The Oh Snap Swivel features a Sampo ball bearing swivel with an easy-to-use, wind-on snap. Simply slide on your lure or rig and you are ready to fish. This high-quality, American-made product is currently available in two sizes rated for up to 135-pound-test. It is available in nickel- or black finish.

Kodiak Custom Tackle Tube Jig and Accessories
Kodiak Custom Tube Jigs and accessories are built tough and designed to catch lake trout, pike, burbot, char, rainbow trout and sheefish. These jigs will help you catch fish through the ice or while jigged, or casted or trolled in open water. Tube Jigs are available rigged up or each component can be purchased separately. Jig heads are available in plain or deluxe with a trailer hook/bait loop system. They are manufactured in three sizes, ranging from 1/2-ounce to 1 1/2 ounces and are offered in 4-, 5- and 6-inch-long tubes in multiple colors.
Berge Tackle Scent Dispenser
The Berge Tackle Scent Dispenser will allow you to attract more fish to your bait or lure and help you get more bites through scent, sight and sound. It’s available in two sizes (large and mini), multiple colors, is rigged inline and spins 360 degrees. To get flash, simply add reflective tape. If you are using gels in the dispenser, they will last 2- to 3 hours and you should run them without lids. For oils, use a lid and punch a hole in the lid with your knife to create the desired flow.
Eagle Claw TroKar TK3 and TK4 Hooks
The TK3 and TK4 are wide-gap, medium-wire, lancet circle hooks that feature TroKar’s faster, deeper, surer, point-penetration. Available in offset (TK3) or non-offset (TK4) versions, each hook features a welded eye and a black-chrome finish for corrosion resistance. TroKar hooks are manufactured using cold-forged, high-carbon, American-made steel and offer the sharpest hook points on the market. Designed and manufactured in Denver, CO, the TK3 and TK4 lancet circle hooks are available in sizes 1/0- to 9/0 and are well-suited for a wide array of target species including salmon, rockfish, and halibut.
Seaguar STS Fluorocarbon Leader Material
Target salmon, trout and steelhead with this 100% fluorocarbon leader material that is made with exclusive Seaguar fluorocarbon resins. It delivers incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength, all with a smaller line-diameter than monofilament. This fast-sinking line gets you in the “strike zone” quicker, and with a lower refractive index than monofilament which makes it significantly less visible underwater. It is available from 4- to 50-pound-tests on 100-yard spools.
Acme Sidewinder UV/Glow Series
The ever-versatile Sidewinder series, known for its erratic and unique fall, has brightened things up with five new UV finishes in gold or glow back. Available in 1/8-, 1/5-, and 1/3-ounce sizes, these unique spoons are made of solid brass and are hand stamped in the USA.
Hot Spot Black Mamba Flasher
The Hot Spot Black Mamba #930 was the hot flasher in 2017. Based on demand at the recent consumer shows we expect it to be even more popular in 2018. A black blade dressed with Crushed Glow tape on both sides, always with Sampo ball bearing swivels, provides a high visibility presentation that fishes great inshore and offshore.
Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish

Do you want to catch more salmon? Begin with the proven action of the Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish K14, K15 and K16, tailoring your color selection directly to water conditions. Choose the enhanced visibility of UV Bright in dark water. Go with bold fluorescent finishes in green water. Break out the metallics in clear water. Can’t decide? Go with “Streak” finishes on the K11X; offering the perfect balance of chrome, flash, metallic color and striking fluorescent edges, these finishes excel in all water conditions, all season long. This lure has helped anglers land salmon in Alaska for decades.
Acme Google Eye Jig

Acme’s all-new Google Eye Jig features a one-of-a-kind Shock Wave Rattle System that includes a glass chamber built inside the full width of the jig head with a metal bead that bounces back and forth inside the chamber, causing a shockingly loud rattling noise that attracts fish. This same chamber extends outside of the jig head, mimicking 3D glass eyes that are extremely lifelike, providing a combination of visual and audio attraction. The 3D eyes also reflect light better than conventionally painted jig eyes. A red, high-carbon hook provides a piercing hook-set and added visual attraction. It can be cast, jigged, twitched, ripped or even steadily retrieved with your favorite Kalin’s Grub or other soft plastic. The Google Eye Jig is available in 1/8-, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce sizes in 13 dazzling colors.
Acme Tackle Hammered Kastmaster

Already proven to catch many fresh- and saltwater species, the Kastmaster is now offered in a new hammered finish. The treatment puts dozens of dimples on the side of each lure that all reflect light and provide increased reflection in all clarity levels of water, as well as added vibration. The Hammered Kastmaster series is available in 1/24- to 3/8-ounce sizes in both gold and nickel.

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