Monkey Boats and Sailboats

For eight years Jeffery and Christine worked tirelessly bringing the David B back to life. Both worked full-time jobs during most of this time.

Monkey Boats and Sailboats2020-12-18T09:33:57-09:00

Optimus 360

With the Optimus 360, boaters can rest assured that the ease of navigating in tight and busy areas will bring a sense of relief.

Optimus 3602020-12-21T10:49:00-09:00

Fur: Art, Harvest, and Sustainability

The hand-crafted pieces Robert makes are entirely custom. You can’t find patterns out there so everything he creates—hats, coats, vests, pillows, blankets, scarves, gloves, and more—is from his imagination.

Fur: Art, Harvest, and Sustainability2020-11-25T09:38:35-09:00

Sheefish Primer

Sheefish Primer Blog by Paul D. Atkins Many people ask me about sheefish—what they’re like to catch, eat, how cold it is, but mostly they ask how they can go about getting a Read More...

Sheefish Primer2021-02-03T14:11:39-09:00

Tongass & Salmon: A Way of Life in Southeast Alaska

Tongass National Forest Blog by Kayla Roys, Trout Unlimited Fishing an alpine lake in southeast Alaska. © Sydney Akagi Photography Those who know southeast Alaska likely and rightly imagine mountains erupting Read More...

Tongass & Salmon: A Way of Life in Southeast Alaska2020-10-15T14:36:42-08:00

Mines in Canada Jeopardize Alaska Fisheries

Mines and mining errors or worse – failures – in Canada threaten powerhouse Alaska king salmon and silver salmon fisheries in Southeast.

Mines in Canada Jeopardize Alaska Fisheries2020-12-31T14:40:30-09:00

Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray

Alaska Bear Safety in the Backcountry By Marcus Weiner Alaska bear safety is important knowledge to have to be fully prepared before going on fishing and hunting. Fishing and hunting in Alaska is Read More...

Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray2020-10-12T11:27:27-08:00

Conservation: Helping the Wild Places that Help Us

As an angler and outdoor enthusiast, the decline in outdoor recreation saddened and somewhat baffled me. I was slightly buoyed by the fact that fishing ranked second place in popularity for children (behind biking), and adults (behind running).

Conservation: Helping the Wild Places that Help Us2020-12-31T14:39:28-09:00

Pebble Mine Project: The Bears of McNeil

Pebble Mine Project and The Bears of McNeil By Bjorn Dihle Brown bears congregated on McNeil River. © Drew Hamilton Pebble Mine Project & the Bears of McNeil  In the late Read More...

Pebble Mine Project: The Bears of McNeil2020-06-22T10:40:27-08:00

Custom Spyderco Knives

Custom Spyderco Knives By Spyerdco, Inc. Custom Spyderco Knives: Innovation Combined with Timeless Design Originally founded in 1976 by Sal and Gail Glesser, Spyderco has earned a reputation for building innovative folding knives Read More...

Custom Spyderco Knives2020-06-30T09:56:29-08:00

Bear Spray Q&A: Counter Assault

Having the right knowledge helps keep you safe and equipped in the outdoors. We’ve answered the 5 most frequently asked questions about bear spray.

Bear Spray Q&A: Counter Assault2020-07-02T15:04:49-08:00

Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers

For those of you skimming for the cliff notes, here’s the short takeaway: Recognize and appreciate that you are in a world-class fishery and treat it and your fellow anglers as such.

Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers2020-11-13T15:34:15-09:00

Kasilof River King Fishing

Just 15 miles south of the world-famous Kenai River lays a hidden gem that may be a smaller river but has king-size stature.

Kasilof River King Fishing2024-02-07T08:10:25-09:00
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