Fairbanks Lake Trout

Lake Trout Lake trout, the largest of the char, are also Alaska’s largest resident freshwater fish, routinely reaching weights beyond 20 pounds. They are extremely opportunistic predators, preying on almost any obtainable food Read More...

Fairbanks Lake Trout2017-10-01T08:40:59-08:00

Fairbanks Grayling

Grayling Without a doubt, the most distinctive characteristic of Arctic grayling is the large, sail-shaped dorsal fin that has come to signify the fish for so many. If the fish has another signature Read More...

Fairbanks Grayling2017-10-01T08:37:29-08:00

Fairbanks Recommended Services

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Fishing in Fairbanks

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska; the area is perfect for the road-system angler, with plenty of highway and gravel-road access to fisheries and several beautiful campgrounds. More Fairbanks: Overview Fish Species Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Read More...

Fishing in Fairbanks2023-07-18T09:28:13-08:00

Fishing the Big Three

Fishing the Big Three Story and photos by Dennis Musgraves Beginning in late October sunlight starts fading daily, temperatures eventually drop to double-digit negatives and water surfaces become locked up harder than asphalt. Read More...

Fishing the Big Three2018-12-21T12:10:55-09:00
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