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Tag: Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island article by Fish Alaska Staff Magnificent Kodiak Island: Fishing Overview Kodiak Island, also known as the Emerald Isle, conjures thoughts of fertile, fish-filled waters, lush mountains

Kodiak Combos Jeff Peterson Old Harbor June 2, 2016 We started the season off right here in Kodiak out of Old Harbor. We were trolling kings with whole herring rigged on Gamakatsu hooks on a Seeker He

THE SURF: KODIAK’S NEW FISHING FRONTIER Story and photos by JD Richey From a fishing standpoint, Kodiak Island has it all—prolific salmon, halibut and rockfishing offshore and epic stream and lake action inland. While both the ocean and freshwater angles have been well documented, there’s a whole other aspect to the island’s fisheries that is […]

The Kings of Kodiak By Troy Letherman It’s cool in the shadows of Kodiak twilight,calendar be damned, but having settled on fleece rather than Gore-Tex—constant shilly-shallying between rain

Larsen Bay By Melissa Norris The ancient village of Larsen Bay lays nestled in a stunning valley off a narrow fjord on the western coast of Kodiak Island. Just 60 miles southwest from the city of Kodi

By Marcus Weiner Fishing in Old Harbor, Alaska There are still many wild places in Alaska where the waters teem with fish. Old Harbor, Kodiak, is surely one of them. From salmon to halibut, cod to rockfish, these waters contain a saltwater bounty. The land and sea are Old Harbor’s grocery store, where the deer seemingly […]

More Kodiak Island: Overview Articles Businesses Fish Stocking Updates Nicknamed Alaska’s Emerald Isle, Kodiak Island is one of the top places to fish salmon, halibut, lingcod, rock fish, and mo

Emerald Island Silver and More Story and Photos by George Krumm As I looked out the window of the Era Aviation turboprop I wondered if the rain and wind were going to allow us to fish. It had been iff

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