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Woodstock in the Arctic

Vehicles are parked everywhere that is legal and within trudging distance to the Promised Land, which in this case is the mouth of the Kenai River. Every year it seems the spectacle of Read More...

Woodstock in the Arctic2017-10-08T13:41:31-08:00

Getting Ready

Blog Post by Steve Meyer I know a hunter/fisherman who always kept his hunting and fishing equipment neatly placed in his garage, everything with a clear order, all pristine and ready for use. Read More...

Getting Ready2017-10-09T10:39:19-08:00

After the Storm

The sharp crack followed a dull thud spread a smile across my face as my fishing partner looked out the window to see if the offending tree had hurt anything. She asked, “What's Read More...

After the Storm2018-10-21T22:32:02-08:00

The Gear We Love This Month: Heat Holders

A pair of socks with the name “heat holders” aroused my interest when I received them with an invitation to try them out. Now cold feet (and cold hands) are my nemeses in Read More...

The Gear We Love This Month: Heat Holders2017-10-11T17:25:30-08:00
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