Salmon Trivia—How much do you know about Alaska’s favorite gamefish? Find out here!

Test Your Salmon IQ

by Greg Brush

Make no mistake, Alaska’s giant native rainbows are hugely popular amongst serious fly fishermen. And we all know the cult-like following that our steelhead are capable of creating once anglers are bitten by this challenging fishing. You’ll even get the occasional halibut answer from the coastal-dwelling, saltwater fanatic, but overall, from the Yukon River to the Kenai Peninsula to southeast Alaska, the casual query of “What’s your favorite fish?” will almost surely be met with one or another of our five species of salmon!

Line burning, cart-wheeling reds, pitbull chums, huge kings that refuse to roll over, insane coho that are so turned on they slash at your bare hook, even the kid-friendly, Frisbee-shaped pinks that always seem to cooperate regardless of your lure choice or skill level—these are Alaska’s salmon. This content is available for subscribers only.

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