Test of Time: Camping & Cooking Gear

Yeti Tundra 105 Hard Cooler
The cost of a Yeti cooler is a little daunting at first but when you think about the long-term use and durability matched with the ice-holding and cold-keeping ability, it starts to make sense. We don’t skimp on fish care or quality ingredients when cooking so we wouldn’t skimp on something as important as the cooler protecting our hard-won fish. We’ve used this cooler for eight years and can attest that it is extremely rugged and truly excellent at retaining cold.


Smokehouse Products Big Chief Front Load Electric Smoker
After 10 years of producing succulent hot-smoked salmon with the Big Chief, we can endorse it as a Test of Time winner. The five racks allow us to smoke about 50 pounds of salmon per batch. It’s reliable, easy to use, and produces a great-tasting smoked salmon. Over the last year we’ve been using the Drying Screens on top of the racks and they’ve been a sound addition, greatly reducing cleanup time. The inclusion of an Insulation Blanket is a wise choice in Alaska, allowing for more heat retention in the smoker. Smokehouse also sells wood chips, chunks and pellets in a variety of flavors. We like apple and alder.


LEM MaxVac Pro Chamber Vacuum Sealer
We have been sealing bags of fish and game for several years with this unit and there is no turning back. It functions like a champ through major fish and game packaging and the unit is simple to use. 6-year-old Maizie has been manning the MaxVac Pro in the Norris assembly line for a couple years now. If you want your frozen fish and game to remain fresh-tasting for long periods of time, it’s crucial to have a quality vacuum sealer like this one.