Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more


Ice anglers use vertical jigging techniques and tip-ups presentations to catch Northern Pike. Quick release rigs are implored for a higher survival rate on released fish. [Read Full Post....]
Mac is exceptionally hard on gear. And breaking rods is his specialty. Sometimes it stems from packing too many rods into one large case. Graphite is prone to catastrophic failure when nicked, and when half a dozen rods bang against one another in a Bazooka rod case, then the snapping of one or more is a foregone conclusion. It's a Catch-22, as Mac the rod-breaker requires several backups, and therefore he needs a honking big case to tote around the wands. [Read Full Post....]
Anglers are curious people by nature: ever eager to find new hotspots, learn new techniques, fish new rods or tinker with tackle. It’s these innovations that drive advances in the sport, which ultimately result in more fish and happier anglers. Listed are a variety of lessons we learned in 2014. Email and share things you gleaned in 2014. [Read Full Post....]