Alaska Fishing Tips

How-to plan fishing trips in Alaska of all kinds as well as how-to catch more fish, the gear needed to do it, Alaska seafood recipes and much more


This year’s Permanent Fund Dividend is a whopping $1,884, only a couple hundred dollars short of the all-time record. For those from Outside perhaps unaware of the payout, basically, each Alaskan who has lived in the state and has been present in Alaska from January 2013 through December 2013 and properly filed for the dividend received a huge pile of cash this October. [Read Full Post....]
Follow all the adventures with Mac Lightfoot as he takes on the world, fishing, and wild animals. Hear his stories with the ongoing series, The Adventures of Mac Lightfoot. [Read Full Post....]
Transporting fresh or frozen fish requires having a plan in place to ensure you have all of the materials required and a good understanding of the amount of time that will be required to get your fish to your destination. [Read Full Post....]