Swinging Streamers

Story & Photos by Nicholas Ohlrich Besides watching a bow come up and slurp down a perfectly presented dry fly, feeling the explosion of a pink-sided chrome freight train destroying a streamer on Read More...

Swinging Streamers2018-06-26T11:53:32-08:00

Being Adaptive to Change

by Nigel Fox There is nothing more frustrating than a blown-out river when you are in the peak of the fishing season. You will go weeks with optimal water conditions and then bam, Read More...

Being Adaptive to Change2018-07-03T10:43:52-08:00

Alaska Drift Away Fishing

Find articles and blogs by the pros at Alaska Drift Away Fishing below!

Alaska Drift Away Fishing2021-11-29T11:59:08-09:00

Tips for a Drag Free Drift

Story & Photos by Nick Ohlrich There are many factors that contribute to a strong formula for consistently catching your desired species. The ability to run a drag free drift while targeting Kenai Read More...

Tips for a Drag Free Drift2018-04-19T14:34:36-08:00

Running Rivers

Story & Photo By Nick Ohlrich As summer draws near and rivers begin to swell into their summer size, a quick buffing-up on the practice of reading water probably can’t hurt. I spend the majority Read More...

Running Rivers2018-05-07T12:20:39-08:00

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?

A fish finder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. Today’s standards use a graphical display to locate schools of fish, temperature, debris and the Read More...

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?2018-09-27T15:57:57-08:00

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

Story & Photos by Nick Olrich Early-season fishing on the Kenai Penninsula offers a variety of options for anglers that are itching to get the open-water season underway. The top three options that Read More...

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula2019-01-14T13:05:53-09:00

Boat Maintenance

Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson Taking care of your boat is a very important part of recreating on the water, keeping you safe, having fun and making your day on the water stress-free. If Read More...

Boat Maintenance2018-04-19T12:18:32-08:00

Why Kickers are a Good Idea

Blog by Nick Ohlrich I’ve wanted a kicker for awhile and finally broke down and bought one last year. A kicker is a small outboard, usually 5- to 15hp, which sits next to Read More...

Why Kickers are a Good Idea2018-05-07T11:09:04-08:00

CFS and How it Affects Fish

First of all, what is CFS? CFS refers to cubic feet per second, and it is used to measure river flow. That being said, we can already start thinking back to times when Read More...

CFS and How it Affects Fish2018-09-26T16:54:19-08:00

Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing

Blog Post by Jeremy Anderson When I think of back trolling for salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River I think of a relaxing day interrupted by organized chaos in the boat. Telling Read More...

Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing2018-05-07T12:12:26-08:00

Handling Trout

Story By Nick Ohlrich There’s no question that pound-for-pound Kenai rainbows, and ’bows in general, are one of the top contenders in the fight circuit, but how do these fish fair during the Read More...

Handling Trout2018-05-07T12:15:18-08:00

Bead & Fly Patterns for Rainbow Trout

Story & Photos By Jeremy Anderson One of the coolest things about rainbow trout fishing in Alaska is the opportunity to catch fish on many different flies and beads. The diverse bio-system that Read More...

Bead & Fly Patterns for Rainbow Trout2018-04-19T12:33:03-08:00

Kenai River Etiquette

A guide to Kenai River Fishing Etiquette: Some helpful points to avoid being “that guy” by Nick Ohlrich                   We've all been there, just about Read More...

Kenai River Etiquette2018-08-20T22:36:48-08:00

Trout Gear: Reviews of the Necessities

By Jeremy Anderson As this next summer of Alaska fishing gets closer to reality it’s time to think about what gear you need to have a great trout season. There is gear that Read More...

Trout Gear: Reviews of the Necessities2018-05-07T12:18:51-08:00


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