Alaska lodge for sale are the words some savvy investors wish to hear. If you are looking for a good return on your money or if you have always dreamed of this lifestyle, then you should reach out to Ray at Murphy Auction Company. He knows of an Alaska lodge for sale that is a pinnacle in southeast Alaska saltwater fishing. 

Sportsman’s Cove Lodge on Prince of Wales Island along the panhandle of Alaska brings 5-star dining, accommodations, fishing and service to their guests for many decades. This investment consists of a multitude of assets, including client lists, property and a solid reputation. 

Location: Sportsman’s Cove lodge is just 26 miles east of Ketchikan Alaska on Prince of Wales Island tucked into Saltery Cove on the east side of the island. Stunning sunrises and sunsets appear over the ocean with mountain peaks all around. The lodge, that is strategically built into the side of a mountain, has capacity for over 30 guests and has proven to be a profitable business for many years.

What’s Included: The sale includes the complete lodge, owners’ quarters, fishing fleet, support vessels, permits and real property.

Lodge Features:

  • Outstanding saltwater fishing for king salmon, halibut, silver salmon, lingcod and rockfish.
  • Protected fishing grounds.
  • 5 custom charter vessels, fully outfitted with electronics and gear.
  • 56’ landing craft.
  • Complete lodge for 30 guests and 32 staff members.
  • Trained staff with their focus on service and providing a fun environment.
  • Fish packing facility.
  • Commercial kitchen.
  • Lodge is self contained for water, power, and septic.
  • Intellectual property includes a 30,000+ client list.

Alaska lodge for saleThis isn’t just any Alaska lodge for sale, this is a historically well-known, well-run operation with years of happy guests, media coverage (including Fish Alaska) and a respectable reputation where both the staff and the guests know they are getting a quality experience.

It’s a great place to start from an investment opportunity standpoint, so reach out to Ray by email if this sounds like a dream business to add to your portfolio or start your career. Or give him a call at 425.486.1246.