Alaska silver salmon fishingAlaska Silver Salmon Fishing during August and September
by Kate Crump, Frigate Adventure Travel

Alaska silver salmon fishing from the second half of August into the beginning of September is an amazing time spent on our home water, the Naknek River in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. We fish for silvers in areas in the lower tidally influenced river, higher gradient upriver spots, and also in smaller tributaries that feed the Naknek.

Alaska silver salmon fishingAlaska silver salmon fishing means aggressively chased flies and intensely followed lures on light spin tackle. We typically use 8 wt fly rods with a sink tip or floating line, depending on the depth of the river where the silvers are hanging out. Most often, we cast flies that we’ve tied in bright pink rabbit fur with lead eyes. We will make casts and strip the flies quickly before casting again. Often silvers will chase the flies very close to us before eating it in front of our very eyes. If the situation is just right, we can sight fish for silver salmon with top water flies. Usually tied with bright pink foam, it is very exciting to pop these flies on the surface and watch angry silvers attack them!

For those not interested in fly fishing, we have you covered for Alaska silver salmon fishing. Our guides carry an arsenal of high-end, light weight spinning rods that are perfect for coho. Regulations on the Naknek River do not allow anglers to use bait, so casting spinners and twitching jigs are our go-to tactics. Depending on water levels and clarity, each of these methods have their place, and we will go back and forth depending on how the day is going.

If you are feeling adventurous, we have several fly out destinations on smaller more remote streams to target silvers on a fly or spin rod.  After our float plane drops us off for the day, we walk the shoreline, casting to groups of fresh silver salmon, often times in very shallow water during our quest of Alaska silver salmon fishing.  The great thing about these fly-out destinations is they often hold rainbow trout and Dolly Varden in the same area, so combination days are always a possibility. It’s a smorgasbord of fun!

During this time of year, we also chase behemoth trophy rainbow trout ( on a local larger river where these giants get up to 30″. It’s not uncommon to catch many fish over 25″ in one day. No crowds, no masks, no COVID, just you and the wild rainbows in a beautiful place!

An incredibly seductive part about this Alaskan adventure is the short flight from Anchorage, currently using as little as 5k Alaska Airline Miles each way.  This is also a reasonable travel experience from anywhere on the west coast and prices are very low.

See our recent blog post about FAQs traveling to Alaska during COVID.

Kate Crump is a longtime fishing guide who co owns Frigate Adventure Travel with her husband Justin Crump. Together with their team they have a wealth of guiding experience and knowledge. These are exceptionally warm-hearted people who build amazing friendships with people easily and naturally. You will definitely enjoy your time spent with Frigate Adventure Travel.

Editor’s Note: Frigate Adventure Travel has some dates available for 2020:

·      AUGUST 17-23: 1-2 ANGLERS
·      AUGUST 27-30: 1- 8 ANGLERS
·      SEPTEMBER 1-12: 1- 2 ANGLERS

All Inclusive Packages:
2 Days and 3 Nights $1600/person based on double occupancy
3 Days and 4 Nights: $2250/person based on double occupancy
4 Days and 5 Nights: $2900/person based on double occupancy

They help you customize your trip based on however many days you’d like to fish and stay. If you are fishing the river only, they recommend 2-3 days, for those wishing to adventure off the home water they suggest 4-6 days and flying out 2-3 of those days. The adventures await you!

All Inclusive Packages include, airport transfers to lodge, lodging, all meals, guided fishing experience and gear, meticulous fish processing and packaging. Not included is airfare to King Salmon, fishing license, alcoholic beverages, and gratuities and fly-out air charter.

Give Kate a call at 541-743-1273.