Test of Time: Best Wading Gear

Patagonia Women’s Spring River Waders
It was difficult to choose a Test of Time wader for women because we are all shaped a little differently. Apart from being a high-quality product that will last, the essential factor is fit. The Patagonia Women’s Spring River Waders seem to fit best for women who are tall and slimmer through the hips. The price point is decent at $400. There are less and more expensive options on the market, but you can count on Patagonia to use quality materials. The rear buckle drop-seat feature is appreciated.


Aquaz KENAI Convertible Wader
The first rendition of the KENAI Convertible wader won an ECA several years back. This current version is even better. These waders are designed to be convertible from chest to waist height, and they are. What’s more, for some men it’s possible to answer the call of nature while wearing these waders without having to remove the suspenders. They feature a water-repellent front pocket with a water-resistant YKK zipper, fleece hand-warmer pocket, built-in gravel guards, a waist belt, and 4 mm high-density neoprene feet. The wader fabric is three-layer AQUALEX breathable material. These waders are available in a boatload of sizes with varied foot sizes, too, so there’s a KENAI Convertible wader to fit almost everyone. These waders have proven to be not only affordable, but remarkably durable.


Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots
Korkers Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots are incredibly light, fit great and are a great choice for the angler who fishes in many different places due to the variety of OmniTrax soles you can put on these boots. What’s more, with their tennis-shoe-like comfort, the Devil’s Canyon boot is great for anglers who cover a lot of ground while fishing. The Boa MT2 speed-lacing system has proven itself over the years, and it’s a cinch to quickly don these wading boots and “lace” them with only one hand. Made of hydrophobic materials, these boots dry fast, so they are less likely to spread invasive species. We love them, and though the Boa MT2 has proven reliable, we recommend having a replacement Boa kit in case you have one break.