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Fishing Clothing: What’s in your dry bag?

Author Linda Leary is an avid fisherwoman and owner of Fishewear © Fishewear Fishing Clothing blog by Linda Leary Photos provided by Fishewear There is no bad weather; only bad fishing Read More...

Fishing Clothing: What’s in your dry bag?2019-09-06T10:21:20-08:00

Trailer Lights Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your boat trailer lights Trailer lights giving you trouble? May is a wonderful time in Alaska. Spring chases winter up to the mountain peaks, rivers begin to rise as the long days Read More...

Trailer Lights Troubleshooting2019-05-13T14:44:46-08:00

How to Use Downrigger: Basics

By Marcus Weiner My favorite way to troll for salmon in saltwater is to employ a downrigger. It allows for precision placement of whatever bait or lure (collectively termed baits) you use to Read More...

How to Use Downrigger: Basics2018-06-26T11:56:41-08:00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 1

Gifts for fishermen in 2018 It’s that time of year again when people across the country are hard at work figuring out what gifts to give their angling-crazed friends and family. We put Read More...

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 12018-12-28T15:15:28-09:00

5 Must-Haves for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is great way to get the family outside when the lakes are frozen. Here is a short list of 5 must haves to make your time on the ice more pleasant Read More...

5 Must-Haves for Ice Fishing2018-05-24T10:20:15-08:00

Sonar Solutions

Fishing blind: I hate it. There is a bit of mystery in the depths of lakes. The flat, wide expanse of water gives few clues as to what lies beneath or to where Read More...

Sonar Solutions2018-09-04T23:03:56-08:00

Rain Gear for Alaska

Rain gear for Alaska is a critical component of a wardrobe for residents and visitors. It often rains in the 49th state, and if you are heading to places in Southeast such as Ketchikan, where over 140 inches of rain falls in an average year, you’ll be wearing that rain gear most of the time.

Rain Gear for Alaska2020-06-24T09:29:32-08:00

Trout Gear: Reviews of the Necessities

By Jeremy Anderson As this next summer of Alaska fishing gets closer to reality it’s time to think about what gear you need to have a great trout season. There is gear that Read More...

Trout Gear: Reviews of the Necessities2018-05-07T12:18:51-08:00

Tying with Christmas Tinsel

By Michael Lunde The long Alaska winter offseason is typically spent reminiscing over summer fishing stories alongside a cozy cabin campfire. During the Christmas holidays, the majority of department stores provide customers with Read More...

Tying with Christmas Tinsel2017-10-08T12:47:36-08:00

Gifts For Alaskan Babies

Some people are amazingly talented and creative. And most people cannot resist getting gifts for Alaskan babies. It is just too much fun to make or buy something special for the little cuties. Read More...

Gifts For Alaskan Babies2018-09-27T12:09:14-08:00

Setting Up Your Float Rod for Trout Fishing

By Jeremy Anderson,  Using a spin rod and bobber to float fish for rainbow trout can be one of the deadliest methods for targeting fish in moving water.  The advantages of a spin Read More...

Setting Up Your Float Rod for Trout Fishing2018-05-07T12:29:39-08:00

Waders For Kids

As a fishing family—not to mention the fact I’m more than nine months pregnant for the first time—it is time for us to really think about waders for kids. Waders are great for Read More...

Waders For Kids2017-10-08T14:21:41-08:00

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online

Are you big and tall? Short and small? Oddly sized or uniquely shaped? I bet you have had a hard time finding chest waders that fit correctly, right? Several years ago, you could Read More...

How to Order Custom Made Waders Online2017-10-08T14:23:05-08:00

Mosquito Protection

Some jokingly refer to the mosquito as Alaska’s state bird. The size and ferocity of our state horde is notorious, annoying and, if you’ve happened to check out this infographic making the social Read More...

Mosquito Protection2017-10-09T10:23:28-08:00
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