Alaska Fish Conservation 

Conserving Alaska's fish is paramount to us at Fish Alaska and here you can read about Kenai kings, Trout Unlimited, Pebble Mine, the Susitna River, and how to catch and release the right way.



Back in the news--always in the news--the pullout of mining giant Anglo American has me thinking of Pebble again, and hoping the latest re-energizes the angling community to continue the fight to save Bristol Bay. [Read Full Post....]
As we are all well aware, this season’s returns of king salmon to the Kenai and the Kasilof Rivers as well as all other rivers throughout Cook Inlet may be the lowest ever recorded. Not only are returning numbers of fish so low that sport fishing has been prohibited on many watersheds, it may be so low that it actually threatens the sustainability of these stocks well into the foreseeable future. Can anyone envision Alaska without the magnificent king salmon that have returned to our coastal bays and rivers for centuries? [Read Full Post....]
Kenai king season is over, but our woes are far from gone. Point in fact: Last year, despite a new late-run escapement goal—a number lower than any return ever documented by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game—we still barely met our minimum escapement goal on the Kenai. [Read Full Post....]