Alaska Fish Conservation

Alaska fish conservation is paramount to us at Fish Alaska, and here you can read about Kenai kings, Trout Unlimited, Pebble Mine, the Susitna River, and how to catch and release the right way.

The Susitna Basin Recreational Rivers

The Susitna River, Alaska is a large and very popular recreation area. It is both beautiful and important to local ecosystems. Susitna River Alaska Southcentral Alaska’s mighty Susitna River is the Read More...

The Susitna Basin Recreational Rivers2023-12-01T06:55:36-09:00

Eklutna River: Coming Home

Eklutna River water flow and salmon migration have been blocked by hydroelectric dams for decades. The benefits of these dams must be balanced with the wellness of the impacted environment.  The initiative Read More...

Eklutna River: Coming Home2023-10-24T06:52:29-08:00

Attack of the Invasives

Invasive species are very harmful to the ecosystem. This is especially critical in Alaska where salmon populations are being affected. What can individual anglers do to contribute to the mitigation efforts? Read More...

Attack of the Invasives2023-09-28T10:57:36-08:00

Fish Handling: Caring For Your Catch

Fish handling the right way is a very important topic for wildlife conservationists and sports fishermen everywhere. Proper fish handling techniques aim to minimize the impact on released fish and respectfully process Read More...

Fish Handling: Caring For Your Catch2023-07-28T14:06:32-08:00

Uncharted Water: Mapping Alaska’s Undocumented Fish Habitat

Uncharted water around Alaska presents an opportunity to increase protected habitat for anadromous fish species. Projects from Trout Unlimited and Alaska Department of Fish and Game aim to document these waters with Read More...

Uncharted Water: Mapping Alaska’s Undocumented Fish Habitat2023-06-28T10:35:16-08:00

Eklutna Salmon’s Long Journey Home

River Restoration at Eklutna River Story by Eric Booton In 1929, a 70-foot-tall, 100-foot-wide concrete dam was built on the Eklutna River blocking the journey of all five species of wild Alaska Read More...

Eklutna Salmon’s Long Journey Home2023-05-26T13:25:21-08:00

The Deshka River, a Sportfish Haven and Science Subject

The Deshka River Story by Marian Giannulis It’s not easy to stand out among Alaska’s many famed and beloved rivers, but one stream in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley is of particular importance to Read More...

The Deshka River, a Sportfish Haven and Science Subject2023-06-06T06:53:31-08:00

The Gear You Need to Minimize Your Angler Impact

Fishing conservation story and photos by Marian Giannulis Whether you’re planning your first fishing trip to Alaska or you’re a seasoned resident angler, the basic gear you need to minimize impacts to Read More...

The Gear You Need to Minimize Your Angler Impact2023-03-06T09:50:23-09:00

Big Fish Stories from Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay Big Fish Stories from 2022 Story by Meghan Barker Following a record-breaking 2022 sockeye salmon season, we checked in with Trout Unlimited Save Bristol Bay Guide Ambassadors and other friends Read More...

Big Fish Stories from Bristol Bay2022-12-26T12:34:04-09:00

Nature Knows Best

Nature Knows Best: Stream restoration recreates natural features found in healthy salmon streams Story by Marian Giannulis Photos by Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition A remote salmon stream in the Tongass National Forest, Read More...

Nature Knows Best2022-11-21T17:45:23-09:00

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce Story and photos by Marian Giannulis The rain slowly fell on a cool May morning as a small crowd of people gathered in a pullout alongside an Read More...

Creating a Tribal Restoration Workforce2022-09-29T16:18:11-08:00

Eklutna River Update

A Future for the Eklutna River: Returning water and salmon to a Southcentral stream Story by Eric Booton In early September 2021, I walked the upper reaches of the Eklutna River canyon Read More...

Eklutna River Update2022-07-26T11:38:31-08:00

Fishing Education

Story and photos by Nelli Williams  A few years ago, my kids were playing with friends at a park in Anchorage. The newly built playground was near a gravel bar and medium-sized Read More...

Fishing Education2022-06-29T08:54:08-08:00

Bristol Bay Guide Academy

Meet the Next Generation of Bristol Bay Flyfishing Guides Story and photos by Meghan Barker It’s 7 a.m. on opening day of fishing in Bristol Bay. A crew of sleepy, but eager teenagers Read More...

Bristol Bay Guide Academy2022-05-16T15:41:55-08:00


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