Alaska Fish Conservation

Alaska fish conservation is paramount to us at Fish Alaska, and here you can read about Kenai kings, Trout Unlimited, Pebble Mine, the Susitna River, and how to catch and release the right way.

Eklutna River Update

A Future for the Eklutna River: Returning water and salmon to a Southcentral stream Story by Eric Booton In early September 2021, I walked the upper reaches of the Eklutna River canyon Read More...

Eklutna River Update2022-07-26T11:38:31-08:00

Fishing Education

Story and photos by Nelli Williams  A few years ago, my kids were playing with friends at a park in Anchorage. The newly built playground was near a gravel bar and medium-sized Read More...

Fishing Education2022-06-29T08:54:08-08:00

Bristol Bay Guide Academy

Meet the Next Generation of Bristol Bay Flyfishing Guides Story and photos by Meghan Barker It’s 7 a.m. on opening day of fishing in Bristol Bay. A crew of sleepy, but eager teenagers Read More...

Bristol Bay Guide Academy2022-05-16T15:41:55-08:00

Restoring Cook Inlet Chinooks

Restoring Cook Inlet Chinooks Story by Marian Giannulis If you are fishing in Alaska with the hope of catching the official state fish—the Chinook, or king salmon—there’s a chance you will wet your Read More...

Restoring Cook Inlet Chinooks2022-04-12T13:24:14-08:00

Susitna Salmon Country and a 100-plus-mile Road

Story and photos by Eric Booton Susitna River tributaries are dynamic, exceedingly productive, conducive to numerous fishing techniques, and plentiful. Thousands of river miles create valuable habitat for large populations of salmon, rainbow Read More...

Susitna Salmon Country and a 100-plus-mile Road2022-04-01T12:58:55-08:00

Best Trout Fishing Gear

Trout Unlimited : Best Trout Fishing Gear Staff Picks Story by Dave Atcheson There is no bad weather, only bad gear.” This is a saying that not only pertains to clothing and gear, Read More...

Best Trout Fishing Gear2022-02-21T13:35:19-09:00

Susitna River Basin: an Inspiring Alaska Wilderness Float

Whitewater and Wild Rainbows  But public access at risk by proposal to strip Susitna River Basin of “Recreational River” status Story by Eric Booton Airborne, we crossed Cook Inlet and began tracing the Susitna River north. My twin sister, Read More...

Susitna River Basin: an Inspiring Alaska Wilderness Float2022-02-03T09:01:14-09:00

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged

Kenai Late-run King Mismanagement. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has the monumental job of managing the fisheries of the largest state—by far—in the country. They do this in a place Read More...

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged2022-01-05T14:57:22-09:00

Conservation-Minded Traveler

written by Dave Atcheson photos by Bruce King   Bruce King, a recently retired Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist, is an avid traveler and adventurer, as well as a diehard angler, who could Read More...

Conservation-Minded Traveler2021-12-27T13:24:58-09:00

The Yakutat Fish Factory

Every year anglers flock to Yakutat to cast their chance at catching a trophy steelhead or to fill their freezer with wild salmon. Most of these anglers likely know that Yakutat is Read More...

The Yakutat Fish Factory2021-12-03T10:59:30-09:00

The Western Native Trout Challenge in Alaska

Meet Alaska’s native trout species and the angler who pursued them during a single visit Story by Marian Giannulis Photos by Daniel A. Ritz/@Jacks_Experience_Trading An Arctic Grayling caught by Daniel, a Read More...

The Western Native Trout Challenge in Alaska2021-09-27T14:30:42-08:00

Eklutna River Salmon

The Eklutna River currently has less than one percent of its historic summertime stream flow, which is woefully inadequate to support fish and maintain healthy fish habitat.

Eklutna River Salmon2021-07-29T09:47:13-08:00

The Conscious Angler

The Conscious Anglerby Dave Atcheson Caring for our rivers and fisheries now ensures that future generations have the same great fishing opportunities we do today. © Nelli Williams Fishing, for many Read More...

The Conscious Angler2021-06-21T11:35:04-08:00


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