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Get fishing tips that will help you catch more sockeye and king salmon, rig your boat properly, make the right casts, read rivers, and more.

Tipping Fishing Guides

How to Tip Fishing Guides and Other Industry Service Providersby Melissa Norris I have often been asked about tipping fishing guides and the other service providers who make up the sportfishing industry—Captains, deckhands, Read More...

Tipping Fishing Guides2021-07-21T14:13:27-08:00

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf

Halibut fishing blog & photos by Joe Byers Our gang peeks through the day's catch. Halibut Fishing from the Surf—a Ninilchik Launch Is Truly Unique The highlight of our one-week Alaskan Read More...

Halibut Fishing: From the Surf2021-07-01T08:53:21-08:00

What Dollies on the Middle Kenai River Tell Us

What Dollies on the Middle Kenai River Tell UsBlog by Nick Ohlrich, Alaska Drift Away Fishing The rewards of fine-tuning. Dolly Varden are found in most of the Kenai Peninsula's lakes Read More...

What Dollies on the Middle Kenai River Tell Us2021-05-21T10:23:34-08:00

Bjørn Olson: Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay

Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay: A Conversation with Bjørn OlsonBlog by Bjorn DihlePhotos Courtesy of Bjørn Olson Packrafts were invaluable for the expedition. A Conversation with Bjørn Olson In 2013, Read More...

Bjørn Olson: Fatbiking and Packrafting to Bristol Bay2021-05-20T13:27:25-08:00

Handling Trout

The Importance of Proper Handling of a Trophy TroutBy Nigel Fox, Alaska Drift Away Fishing Reviving a rainbow while measuring length on the measuring board. If there is one thing we Read More...

Handling Trout2021-05-06T10:08:03-08:00

Scott Murdock: Tying Artist

Scott Murdock ties some of the most exquisite Atlantic salmon flies you've ever seen. He also ties some killer spring grayling flies. Learn more about Murdock's work in the April edition of "Behind the Vice."

Scott Murdock: Tying Artist2021-04-21T10:05:50-08:00

Layering Tips for Fishing in Alaska

Layering Tips Blog and Photos by Nick Ohlrich My second skin. I wear this base/mid-layer combo every day and hope to tangle with fish like this at the same frequency. Tips Read More...

Layering Tips for Fishing in Alaska2021-04-14T12:47:51-08:00

How to Fillet Halibut

Quality fish care makes a huge difference. We were so impressed on our trip to Kodiak Legends Lodge that we wanted to give you a step-by-step guide to perfecting your halibut filleting techniques.

How to Fillet Halibut2021-01-11T09:45:23-09:00

Traveling to Alaska

Traveling to Alaska is an amazing experience filled with sights and sounds that most of us don’t get to encounter in everyday life.

Traveling to Alaska2021-01-06T12:59:30-09:00

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing during August and September by Kate Crump, Frigate Adventure Travel Alaska silver salmon fishing from the second half of August into the beginning of September is an amazing time Read More...

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing2020-08-04T09:57:50-08:00

Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray

Alaska Bear Safety in the Backcountry By Marcus Weiner Alaska bear safety is important knowledge to have to be fully prepared before going on fishing and hunting. Fishing and hunting in Alaska is Read More...

Alaska Bear Safety: Frontiersman Bear Spray2020-10-12T11:27:27-08:00

Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai

The Middle Kenai in June is a fantastic time to hone your skills on water temperature, CFS, and their effects on trout behavior. The chrome firecrackers will be there to confirm your decision-making process and are sure to put a huge grin on your face.

Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai2023-07-25T14:29:16-08:00

Bear Spray Q&A: Counter Assault

Having the right knowledge helps keep you safe and equipped in the outdoors. We’ve answered the 5 most frequently asked questions about bear spray.

Bear Spray Q&A: Counter Assault2020-07-02T15:04:49-08:00

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations

Ocean Conditions Blog by George Krumm Photo courtesy of Kodiak Legends Lodge Saltwater kings on Kodiak have seen a good showing in recent years. Kodiak Legends Lodge in Larsen Bay shows off Read More...

Ocean Conditions & King Salmon Populations2020-01-16T16:15:57-09:00
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