Experiencing Alaska’s bounty sometimes requires off-road vehicles such as an ATV, side-by-side, or a boat. Here are our current favorite boats, off-road vehicles, and accessories.

E-Z Anchor Puller Remote Control System
E-Z Anchor Puller’s long-range wireless remote comes with two key fobs and a wireless receiver unit that will be connected to your E-Z Anchor Puller anchor winch’s solenoid. Now with 12-volt and 24-volt options, the long-range remote is designed for boaters who need to control their unit away from the helm. Operate the Rebel free-fall series by holding the deployment “Down” button for only two seconds, then retrieve the anchor rode by holding in the “Up” button for the entirety of retrieval. Instruction manuals are available online under the support tab.
E-Z Anchor Puller True Free-Fall Stainless Steel Rebel EZ-6 Drum Anchor Winch
This anchor winch is the largest of the American manufacturer’s Free-Fall series. Completely made from IP68-rated 316 stainless steel and including a patented motor equipped with an internal mitigation system that eliminates condensation, the holding capacity of this unit can carry the following amounts of anchor rode in addition to 10+ feet of chain: 500′ of 5/8″ rode, 800′ of 1/2″ rode, 975′ of 7/16″ rode, 1,350′ of 3/8″ rode, and 3000′ of 1/4″ Dyneema or Spectra line. This true free-fall system can be controlled at the helm after pushing the rocker switch for two seconds before gravity spools out the rest!

Rebel EZ-6 Drum Anchor Winch
SeaArk Predator Series
SeaArk’s Predator series was designed for the rugged conditions of Alaska, but is now a favorite in the Lower 48. Constructed from .125-gauge aluminum and a 3/16-inch heavy-duty center keel, this boat can take a beating. Equipped with a Mercury SportJet engine and tunnel hull, the Predator allows you to access very skinny waters and get to the fish and big game you desire. The Predator is offered in three versions, the AK, FS, and Hybrid. Each model provides something different to make sure there is a Predator for everyone. Choose from several options to design the perfect Predator for you.
SeaArk Predator Series
Pristine Ventures PR-49 HD
Contributing Editor Larry Bartlett is an expert in float fishing and float hunting in Alaska. He has innovated many excellent products. One of his flagships is the PR-49 packraft. Weighing in at a mere 15 pounds, the packraft has an amazing 850-pound load capacity and is built to transport hardcore outdoorsmen down class I-III waters in search of remote fish and game. The HD (heavy-duty) model adds 1.5 pounds to the weight by integrating 840-denier chafe guards on each side tube that extend up the sidewalls by 4.5 inches. Each raft comes equipped with a mesh seat and cargo sling, double-action air pump, a robust repair kit with extra material for extensive repairs, a 240-cm four-piece Aqua-Bound kayak paddle, and a PVC carry bag for easy transport to the field.
Pristine Ventures PR-49 HD

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