Boating accessories are among the most impactful items you can add to your boat to make it fish better. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information about boating accessories he’s added to his boat to make it fishier. This is Part I of a three-part series.

Starting at the back of George’s 22-foot Rogue Jet Chinook open sled, George talks about boating accessories he’s placed near the stern for ease of use. Here’s a list of some of the boating accessories mentioned in this video:

Fish Fighter Products sinker trays

Tool Caddy

Fish Fighter Products fillet table

Mustad bent-nose pliers

KastKing Cutthroat 7” pliers

FishEng rail sliders

Fish Fighter Products Tackle Tender

Folbe rod holders

An often-overlooked boating accessory is a sinker tray. The ones in the video are made by Fish Fighter Products. These keep all your lead in one place, and are stout enough to withstand years of use.

Most anglers have a few regularly used tools and having a place to store them is helpful. The tool caddy in the video was made by Rough River Marine. Scissors, a couple different pliers, and a bait knife are stored in this tool caddy. Rough River Marine is no longer in business, but similar products are available.

Pliers in this video are the Mustad bent-nose pliers, and Kastking Cutthroat pliers. They have different uses, and it’s helpful to have both in the boat.

From a boating-accessory standpoint, it’s a good idea to have a utility knife in the boat. We’re not talking about your fillet knife—save that for filleting fish. We’re talking about a knife for general cutting chores on the boat, such as plug-cutting herring, sardine fillets, and so on. The KastKing bait knife is a good one, with a stainless blade with one side being serrated, the other smooth.

It’s common to release fish from a boat. However, netting fish you intend to release often is quite damaging to them. For small fish, a simple de-hooking tool can be made from a length of wooden dowel with a stainless-steel cup hook screwed and epoxied into on end.

Rod stations such as those made by FishEng Products help you stay organized at each seat in your boat. Fish Fighter Products makes Tackle Tenders and Rod Tenders accomplish the same thing.

A portable fillet table can prevent you from having to wait in line to fillet your fish. If you have room on your boat to store one, you’ll find it comes in quite handy.

Rod holders are an essential boating accessory, but they aren’t all created equal. George’s favorite rod holders for salmon fishing are Folbe Advantage and Advantage Jr. rod holders.

Outfitting your boat with the right boating accessories can make your days on the water more enjoyable, and more effective. Be sure to watch for Boating Accessories Parts II and III in the near future.