Best Cooking Gear for Anglers in Alaska

Bradley Smoker Cold Smoke AdaptorBradley-Cold-Smoke-Adaptor.jpg
The Bradley Smoker Cold Smoke Adaptor allows you to turn any Bradley Smoker into a cold-smoker. It basically fits between the Bradley Smoke Generator and the smoker itself to allow the smoke to cool before entering the smoker. It is a well-designed unit that allows you to cold-smoke fish, cheese, nuts, and other foods.

Bradley Smoker Smoke Generator with AdaptorBradley-Smoke-Generator-with-Adaptor.jpg
The Bradley Smoke Generator with Adaptor allows you to incorporate the consistency of the Bradley smoking system into your own homemade smoker. The Smoke Generator is exactly what is used to provide heat and smoke to the Bradley Original Smoker. We built a wooden smoker and attached the Smoke Generator to it and it worked very well. Additionally, we were able to easily attach the Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor to it, creating a smoker that could either cold- or hot-smoke food. 

Frogmats Frogmats.jpg
Frogmats are mesh fabric screens designed to be used on barbecues and in smokers. The small mesh provides a surface that food doesn’t stick to, making Frogmats the ideal surface on which to cook or smoke delicate foods such as fish. They are easy to clean and can be cut to size with heavy scissors. The mesh size is small enough to smoke almonds without them falling through the holes. We use these on top of our normal smoker racks to help keep the racks clean, and to prevent fish and other foods from sticking to the racks. 

Summit Spice & Tea Company Susitna Chili Blend Summit-Spice-&-Tea-Company-Susitna-Chili-Blend.jpg 
The first time our tester used this blend, he mixed it with olive oil, spread it on chicken and cooked it on a grill. It was fantastic, offering a nice robust blend of seasonings. It made the chicken taste like it was marinated all day and has become a favorite to use again and again. It is a very high-quality spice blend that is not overpowering and tastes good on steak, shrimp, salmon, fajitas, etc. 

Smokehouse Products Wood Chips
Smokehouse wood chips are thoroughly dried, absent of tree bark and are consistent in size so that you get an even burn in the smoker. They are available in 1.75-pound bags in alder, apple, cherry, mesquite and hickory. We’ve used these wood chips for 20 years and they impart a good flavor to the meats and fishes we smoke. 


A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker 5 x 8A-MAZE-N-Tube-Smoker-(AMNTS).jpg
This thing is amazing, pun intended. It produces smoke with very little heat, using either pellets or sawdust. If you fully load it with pellets, it will smoke for up to 11 hours. For smoking fish, you might only need to load it one-third of the way full as that will provide roughly three hours of smoke. The Pellet Smoker can be used in homemade smokers and barbecue grills to cold-smoke foods. It can also be used in hot-smoking situations such as smoking brisket. We’ve struggled for years to find a way to remove heat from a smoker in order to cold-smoke fish. This simple device makes cold-smoking possible without any adaptors or special construction. One thing to keep in mind is that it is easiest to light the smoker with a propane- or butane torch. You won’t be able to get it going with matches or a lighter. 

Camp Chef Pro 30 Deluxe One Burner StoveCamp-Chef-Pro-30-Deluxe-One-Burner-Stove.jpg
This 14-inch outdoor stove is capable of cooking nearly anything you want to cook at camp. It can put out 30,000 BTUs. It has a foldable side shelf for convenience and is compatible with Camp Chef’s 14-inch accessories such as their griddles or Dutch ovens. The range of heat control is fairly wide, allowing you to simmer stews slowly or sear steaks quickly. It comes with adjustable, removable legs that make it easy to cook over as well as providing ease of transport and storage. The burner is cast-aluminum, which prevents it from rusting. Our tester takes it camping but also uses it as the heat source in his homemade smoker. The wide range of heat control allows him to start smoking at 110 degrees and gradually raise the temperature through the smoking process. This is a versatile stove.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, Fluted EdgeCUT_41529_000_SF1.jpg
This knife is one of our favorites because we found it useful for practically everything that requires a knife while cooking. It’s extremely sharp and enjoyable to use—we especially loved how it felt in-hand. It’s lightweight but balanced and nimble so it feels expensive, and its handle is ergonomic, so it feels secure, not bulky.

Kai Luna 3-piece Knife SetKai-USA-3-pc-Set.jpg
Including the Kai Luna paring knife, multi-utility knife and chef’s knife, this combo set was a huge hit in our kitchens over the past year. These blades have some very unique Kai Luna features and were not only sharp, but kept their edge all year long. This is a great starter set for your kitchen.