Destination Special: Summer Trout at Rainbow River Lodge

‘Bows on the Shoulder

Story By Troy Letherman

I’m the first to tie on a dry fly.

We’re gliding across a stillwater slough connecting Fog Lake to the middle Copper River, flushing the occasional hammer-handle pike, and rather than take in the scenery, which includes a young brown bear nosing around in anticipation of the reds that should be arriving any day, I work on snugging 6-pound tippet to an olive Stimulator.

My guide for the day, Tim Pearson, is alternating between rowing and choosing a pattern for the other angler in the boat, Texan Tom Gingerich. They’re thinking fry, maybe sculpin, maybe dry, clearly not aware that there’s a race on to draw the first topwater strike of the day. This content is available for subscribers only.

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