Eklutna River water flow and salmon migration have been blocked by hydroelectric dams for decades. The benefits of these dams must be balanced with the wellness of the impacted environment.  The initiative to restore a healthy and productive river is in motion and you can help. Watch “Coming Home” by Trout Unlimited to learn more.

“Coming Home” features the voices of Eklutna tribal members and the shared vision for a fish filled, functioning future for their namesake river, the Eklutna River.

Responsibility to Mitigate Adverse Effects

The Eklutna Hydroelectric Project is legally required to make up for its impact to fish and wildlife and their habitat. Therefore a mitigation process is unfolding now.  This is a once in a generation chance to bring a salmon producing stream back to Cook Inlet. 

The vision for the future of the Eklutna River held by Eklutna tribal members is clear. Water flowing the length of the river and fish passage into Eklutna Lake so that all 5 species of wild salmon can recover. 

Utility Companies Propose Mile of Dry River

Numerous solutions have been proposed that balance out the uses of Eklutna Lake water while meeting the needs of salmon.  But despite overwhelming support, Chugach Electric Association & Matanuska Electric Association are favoring a solution that will leave a mile of the river dry. This will not create fish passage into the lake and will not recover sockeye salmon. 

“Eklutna River salmon need water & fish passage” – pass this message off to those who need to hear so that the salmon can thrive once again!

Today we stand with the Eklutna tribal members and Trout Unlimited to ask 3 things of you:

  1. Take 5 minutes to watch this important film.

  2. Contact decision makers.  Trout Unlimited has gathered great resources here.

  3. Share this video.

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