Coleman Marine 200 Qt Cooler  

MSRP: $429.99

This large cooler with OptiMaxx Insulation is just the thing for boating excursions. It’s durable enough to last through the wear-and-tear typical to saltwater fishing in Alaska, and it keeps your catch fresh until you can get it filleted and processed.


Lightforce Marine Lights

MSRP: $118-$179

We found this line of spotlights to provide superior light output, and even better, they’re designed for harsh marine environments and held up in some extreme weather.


Vexilar FL-20 Sonar

MSRP: $399-$489

With both a 9-degree and an 18-degree transducer in one unit, anglers can either zoom in on the bottom six feet of the water column or view the entire water column for suspended fish, making days out on the ice that much more productive.