At the Fish Alaska office, you can pretty much bet that if we’re not out fishing, we’re talking about the next trip, the last trip, the newest lure, or the one that got away. Fish tales — or more specifically, fish talk — is as much a part of a fishing experience as the photo you take to remember a trophy king or a bluebird day on the water.

So we want to talk to you about fishing. That’s why, for the sixty days from January 15, 2014 to March 15, 2014, we’re hosting a forum contest here on Start a thread on any fishing-related topic and then converse with other anglers. That’s it. The person who starts the hottest discussion thread will win a prize package worth over $100.

Here’s how to start a discussion: click on a forum section, e.g. General Fishing or Fish Alaska Foodie. At the bottom right-hand corner, click Start Discussion. Name your conversation something specific and intriguing, like Fool-Proof Trout Flies for Southcentral or The Best Salmon You’ll Ever Eat. Have fun with it and encourage your family, friends and fishing buddies to join in.

If you have questions, reply to this post and we’ll answer it for you. Now, let’s chat!