The fishing gear featured in the April 2023 Gear Bag blog includes a halibut rod and tackle, and also the latest outdoor fashion from Fishewear and more.

Fishing Gear

Santiam SFC-602CHJ Halibut Rod

With a passion for halibut fishing, rod designers at Santiam travelled to Alaska to test and fine tune this new halibut rod, built on a carbon-fiber blank. This model is what they consider to be an ideal jig or bait rod. Built with conventional guides, the carbon-fiber blank is outfitted with a reverse ferrule system, an X flock grip, an aluminum anodized dual-locking reel seat, heavy-duty double-foot guides equipped with a stainless tip top, and a fighting butt with gimbal. It’s suited for either mono or braided line, and is handcrafted in Oregon. The 6-foot, 2-piece, moderate-heavy-action rod is rated for 40- to 100-pound-test and 16- to 40-ounce lures. Thanks to the carbon-fiber blank, the rod weighs in at 17 ounces. Lastly, it comes with a hard travel case perfect for protecting the rod during travel.


Vortaks by Scent Striker

The Vortaks rotating lure head undoubtedly takes the salmon-fly bullet head to new heights. Vortaks’ opposing quarter-turn fins translate rotational energy to your skirt material, adding more movement to your bait. In addition, Vortaks’ fin-induced rotation mimics the wounded-baitfish spiral, another fish-attracting feature. Wrap your favorite skirt/tail material around the Vortaks’ shank to maximize the bait’s desired color, profile, and movement. You control rotation speed through the skirt’s size and shape.

Fishing Gear

Beckman Fillet Knives

Beckman has helped anglers land fish for over 50 years, and now they are going to help you get them to the plate with their new line of fillet knives. The new Beckman knives come in three sizes: 7”, 8”, and 9″ blade. These knives are built with an ergonomic, soft-touch handle. It comes with a vented sheath which allows the blade to dry completely while in the sheath, thereby preventing corrosion.

FisheWear Skorts

Hit the water in FisheWear’s new skorts. This skort features 4-way stretch material and easy-access pockets, giving you plenty of room to explore, wade, and secure that catch. Perfect for fishing, hiking, running, lounging, and so much more. Each skort includes: a hidden forceps pocket, easy-access slip pocket on the waistband, anti-microbial shorts and waistband material, and a Zinger loop above the forceps pocket.

Chota Outdoor Gear Rough Ridge Boot

Chota Outdoor Gear’s Rough Ridge Boot has been designed to withstand the elements in the harshest outdoor conditions. It features a lightweight, rubber-coated PU upper and a hard-rubber toe with heel rand—creating an incredibly durable boot. Its synthetic inner lining, 3 mm insole, and EVA mid-sole provide a comfortable fit while keeping the boots light for those long days on the water. The Rough Ridge Boot is available in both high-density polypropylene felt soles and rubber soles that accept all styles of Chota cleats.

Sampo Ball-bearing Swivel with Double Welded Rings and Tournament Snap

Pound for pound, this is one of the strongest snaps on the market, yet it is still easy to open by hand. Designed to offer added insurance for tangle-free fishing, it features two welded rings, one at each end of the Sampo swivel plus the famous tournament snap. It’s available in nickel or black finish, in five sizes ranging from 60- to 300-pound-test.

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